Network: The Social Network that is Minecraft

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by tkelly, Feb 23, 2011.

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    Network: Visualizing the Social Network of Minecraft

    Official Release

    Introduction to Social Networks
    Social Networks have become a theme of our current era. The wide adaptation of the internet has allowed many social networks to crop up, connecting people to one another. However, one common aspect of all of these social networks is that they've mostly been "active" social networks, they require the users to sign up and interact with the other users on that specific social network. A "passive" social network would be one that simply follows people, tracking their interactions with other users behind the scenes, requiring users to do no extra work.

    Another missing social network is that of Minecraft. Sure there are forums, and probably a few, failed Facebook-like creations, but there have been none that have fully captured the interaction of users in Minecraft.

    With Network, I hope to visualize the full nature of the Minecraft network, while doing it passively for implicit and simple user adoption.

    What Do I Need?
    I'm looking for a few coders or simply imaginative people that would like to help me with this project. As I'm taking courses and will be traveling around this semester, I won't have as much time to devote to this project as I'd like. So, I'd love the help of anyone who could do any of the following things:
    1. Has a decent amount of plugin coding or java coding experience
    2. Has MySQL + PHP experience
    3. Has HTML5 Canvas or graphics visualizing graphs/networks experience
    4. Has knowledge about social/information networks
    5. Is insanely imaginative, and is already in love with the idea of Network.
    Either way, thanks for taking the time to read about my idea, and let me know what you think or any ideas you have.
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    Hmmm... It sounds like a great idea! I'm pretty good at web graphics design. Maybe I can help out with graphics a little?
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    I've got decent amount of experience, and have knowledge about networks( I mean who doesn't), and have some pretty good ideas... Would like to help you! :D
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    Well I like your idea and I would love to help. I have quite a bit of experience with PHP and MySQL, I am also decent at coding Java/plugins.
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    I can develop the PHP side of the website. I've been a web-developer for about 8 years, I feel I know what I'm doing at this point. I know Jquery, Ajax, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and I can make plugins for Minecraft.[​IMG]
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    I'm freelancing as a graphic-designer, been using Gimp for about 6+ years.
    I've also done some webdesign, including code. Not pro at code thou.

    But if graphics is something you need, I'd gladly help.
    Also, I have a creative mind, and this thread just gave me a bunch of ideas.
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    Is this dead or what?
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    Hey, this really caught my attention when I read this.

    Recently got myself hooked on minecraft and really looking for an edge to get myself more involved in contributing to the community.

    Anyways, I have 5 years web development experience behind me and specialise in dynamicaly driven apps written in PHP & MySQL. I also have experience with the following skills/languages:
    HTML/CSS (can do with eyes closed), Javascript, AJAX, Jquery, Server Management, Search Engine Optimisation, Web Design, Photoshop & Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Facebook Applications (FBML & FBQL) and various other skills not strong enough to list. I got where I am today through using my imagination and being able to see things diferently from a creative perspective.

    I have several servers I use for projects that usually have plenty spare space. Should you require any hosting I can offer these services free.

    For the past 6 months as a side project, I have been developing a social network orientated website, but from a whole new angle not yet covered.. As this is still a project in development, I'd rather not disclose to many details regarding that publicly.

    I have developed and administrated at a website home to over 20k active users where I brought in many social features (user profiles and communications) and was responsible for all design work.

    If this project is still ongoing and you need any of my services, please get in touch :)


    Edit: Unfortunately I have absolutely no java programming experience..

    Developing at the age of 10?..
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    @henda_ you'd be surprised at how young the community is.. I'm 14 and started a few years ago :p Back on topic, this is obviously dead, and unless someone can contact @tkelly ? :p Or we can just do this ourselves, but we don't know what tkelly had in mind exactly which is the problem.
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    This thread is quite dead I'd say.
    But I'd do what I could to be a part of this (Graphics).
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    While I can't code Java to save my life, I can probably help with HTML5, PHP, and MySQL.
    My code may not be the shortest, but it'll damn work.
    I will soon get my domain working, when I can then host things live for you.

    PM me if your intrested

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    I'll write again, just to clear up why I'm hear.
    I'm no coder (except for HTML/CSS, but that's not code ;>) I do graphic.

    I'd love to be apart of this project, since I love to do stuff for the minecraft-community.


    also, check out my servers website. It's my design. :)
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    You guys about know about ?
    You can create a social network very easy :D
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    Well, in my opinion, that's a ning, not a website (if you get what I'm saying.)
    If anyone really is interested to make this, I'd be a part of the team. If needed.
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    I would LOVE to help, I am very imaginative and can support this idea! I am a great website admin. I have lots of ideas for this network. If you have a spot open... I'm a PM away.

    Ps. I'll work for free, LOL
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    I love how tkelly is super MIA yet this still is getting help offers XD I hope he comes back :/
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