Netbeans or Eclipse?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by RastroCN, Dec 9, 2012.

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    When I made plugins before(on a different account), I used eclipse. I have seen that some people use netbeans, so I was wondering which was a better program to code with. Also, if you say eclipse, which version(java ee, java, etc.) should I download? Thank you and have a good night/day.
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    I use Eclipse Juno (Java EE I guess) and I love it. Never tried netbeans, but it seems the majority of devs use eclipse.
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    Same. I like Eclipse, never tried NetBeans, but Eclipse does its job and does it well.
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    I'm using Eclipse Indigo, never tried netbeans.
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    Thanks guys. Ill use eclipse then.
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    Netbeans. Tried both. Eclipse was getting too damn slow for me.
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    yep I had to give it more RAM to make it run stable. Besides, Netbeans supports more languages afaik
  8. I'm also using NetBeans because it's faster in almost every operation. Exporting to a jar file with only one button [ F11 ]. In Eclipse you have to choose the directory, check/uncheck classpath and so on..
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    i use eclipse juno for ease of use.
    it depends on your preference.
    try both and you will find the one you like.
    you may even want to use one of the other IDE's
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    Oh yeah, I occasionally use Eclipse when I code for Android. But that's a whole different story :)
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    Sagacious_Zed Bukkit Docs

    For plugin development I prefer Eclipse Juno for Java Developers over Eclipse Juno for Java EE Developers. The reason is because of the tools that come pre bundled are different, and the first is much better suited for plugin development with the inclusion of git and maven plugins.

    If you don't need to install plugins, why bother.
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    no offence, but you got a terrible pc :p

    I use Eclipse JUNO, never tried NetBeans, never going to.
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    8GB RAM and 3.2 GHz quad core processor... that slow in your standards? Eclipse still crashes without me manually having to give it more memory. IMO not really great service...
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    i have 4 gb ram.
    2.3GHz quad core.
    it runs fast.
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    Same for me... after having to modify the config...
    Besides that Netbeans is just easier imo :p
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    well idk i find it runs slower on windows.
    i use ubuntu and it runs fast.
    i have to agree tho netbeans is one of the fastest java IDE's
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    Eclipse ganymede: NICE, great plugins

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    Who's making those nullpointers, you or netbeans...?
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    I used both. I started with netbeans and I liked it but once I started using eclipse I just couldn't go back. Eclipse is by far the best I have used and can easily be used on any computer via flashdrive. I use eclipse JUNO and honestly have no idea what they are saying about it being slow and crashing because I have NEVER had a problem like that. and I run it on my crappy laptop which can barely run minecraft. I would never recommend netbeans to anyone.
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    No, he's right, NetBeans has a lot of errors that occur for various reasons. Not always a bad thing, but it's a bit annoying. Still my favorite IDE by a longshot.
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    Oh, I thought he meant that when he developed in netbeans he got more errors in his work...
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    I have no opinion. I started with Eclipse. It works. I stuck with it. Why fix what isn't broken?
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    Because something else is just better :p?
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    I used to use Eclipse classic, i am not totally sure now though xD
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    I use Netbeans for plugin coding and (sadly) have to use eclipse in school, so i know both IDEs and i prefer Netbeans. (better stlye, better shortcuts, not that laggy as eclipse etc)
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    NetBeans is less advanced, all coders of huge projects use Eclpise ;)

    whole Mojang is using it
    craftbukkt is coded with it
    and the lsit goes on and on
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    Nonetheless an IDE does not make you a better programmer. This would basically end up with the conclusion that it is a preference. Also, the fact that 'all coders of huge projects' use it does not prove the point that it is better (besides the wrong use of 'all') ;3
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    I think Dinnerbone uses Netbeans (according to his videos)
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    LOL, unless I'm falling for a troll here, that's a pretty ridiculous statement.

    I use Eclipse for Forge modding and Netbeans for Bukkit modding. I prefer Netbeans for no other reason than it looks and feels more comfortable to me and is much better for my personal productivity.

    I highly recommend you try both and see which one feels better for you. They are both free and it's extremely easy to get them installed. I'd also recommend you ignore the folks that say that one or the other is inherently better. Do an experiment and set up a Git-controlled Maven project and see which one you can more easily work with.
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    I tried both, and found that I like Eclipse Juno much better. The general feel is just better, and if you have the RAM to run it it appears to make less mistakes. Also, there are many good plugins for Eclipse which aren't available with NetBeans.
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