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Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by MasterMine72, Aug 22, 2016.

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    After seeing the lack of replies on my plugin request thread, I decided to learn how to create bukkit/spigot plugins. I know it's not a good place to start, but I the plugin I would like to create is similar to Deadlyfe. It's a minigame plugin based on MW3's gamemode Infected. There are two teams: Humans and Zombies. At the start of a round, a certain percentage of the humans are randomly chosen to be alpha zombies, which are the first to carry the disease. The goal of those zombies is to kill every single human before the timer runs out (Usually 5 minutes are given for one round). When a human gets killed or dies accidently, he/she then becomes a zombie too after respawning. The goal of the humans is to survive until the round is over.

    I would like to have a leveling system built in the minigame so when players reach a certain xp level, they rank-up. When a player reaches a new rank, he/she can then start a round with better gear and items. In order to level-up and then rank-up, the player needs to kill zombies/humans (depending on which side they're on). Another way to gain experience is by being the last human alive (if someone manages to be the last one alive, whether he/she dies before the round ends or not, the player will be rewarded with 1 xp level).

    Pretty much, what I would like to do is make it so when a player kills a human/zombie (Again, depending on their side), they gain a certain amount of xp. To add the rank-up system, I want to make it so when a player reaches a certain xp level (example: 4), it makes the player start with new items (that replace the older ones).

    I KNOW, this will be really hard to do (especially since I have no experience at all in plugin development). I watched some tutorials that cover the basics of developing plugins and I installed Eclipse. If anyone could just try to explain to me how I can code it so the xp level can work in the game.

    I don't need to code the lobbies and all that stuff since I already have a plugin for that (same for the teams).
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @MasterMine72 Do you know java already?
    Because this isn't really a starter plugin.
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    No I don't... I really want this plugin because I need it for my server and since no one seems to be interested about my plugin request (which took me 30 minutes to do no kidding), I decided that the only way I could get that plugin was if I did it by myself and it would be way easier since I know what I want. I'll try to learn about java thanks
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    If you want this, I could try it. Lemme read your request and see what I can do

    EDIT: I will give it a try. Ill let you know when I get somewhere
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    Wow! I don't know what to say... Thank you so much for taking some time to help me! If you need to test it, private message me and I'll give you the IP to the server I set up.
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