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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by elfemtog, Dec 18, 2014.

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    Alright, so you guys probably get this same request on here all the time, yet for some reason none of the plugins made from them are ever made public, so I'll have to come here and bother you guys just like the rest of us roleplay server owners... Anyhow, the plugins I need are as follow:

    1. RP Chat plugin
    Category: Roleplay/Chat
    Suggested name: RPChat
    What I'd want: Essentially just another plugin to manage chat through distances, you know the drill, a few different chat channels (IC, with a range of about 15 blocks for In Character chat, Shout with a range of 30 for, well, shouting, whisper with a range of 3 and OOC for a global out of character chat.) with their own commands and shortcut aliases (I.E. /shout, /s of shout channel, /ic, /rp for IC channel, etc...) And an emote channel triggered by messages starting with a *. I think these should be color coded though maybe it'd be easier to have color customization in the config somehow? Also, players should be able to use commands as both a toggle or a way to send one quick message whilst staying in their current chat channel (I.E. /s will send me to shout channel but if I'm in IC and I so /s [message] it'll send a message in shout without changing my channel.) Also, if possible, one last channel for staff members to communicate privately, this channel would only be seen by those with the rpchat.staff permissions node.
    Suggested Commands:
    /ic and /rp - Make the player chat in the IC channel.
    /shout and /s - Shout Channel
    /whisper and /w - Whisper Channel
    /ooc and /global - OOC Channel
    /ooctoggle and /ooct - Toggle display of chat messages from the global OOC chat.
    /staffchat /sc - Staff Channel
    Suggested Perms:
    - rpchat.ic = Allow access to IC channel.
    - rpchat.s = Allow access to Shout.
    - rpchat.w = Allow access to Whisper.
    - rpchat.ooc = Allow access to OOC and OOCToggle command.
    - rpchat.emote = If you have this node, any message you start with a * becomes an emote.
    - rpchat.staff = Allow access to staff chat channel, only seen by those with the permission node.
    Due Date: Whenever you can, preferably before next year? Due date's entirely negotiable.

    2. Character Cards plugin
    Category: RolePlay
    Suggested Name: Character Cards
    What I'd want: For this one, I'd like for the server to prompt new players with a set of questions when they first join. Questions asking for their name, age, gender, and description. These would be saved and could be accessed by anyone who does /card [username] or simply sneak-right-clicks them to see their card. The name they set in their card should also be their name in all chat channels except for OOC, where the player's minecraft username should be shown instead.
    Suggested Commands:
    /card and /c - If used alone, shows the player's own card, if used with a usermame after it, show's the taget's card.
    /setname - Changes the name on the character card (usage /setname [name])
    /setage - Changes the age on the character card (usage /setage [age])
    /setmale - Changes character card gender to male
    /setfemale - Changes character card gender to female
    /setdesc - Resets description and adds 1st line of text to it.
    /addline - Adds text to the description on the card after using /setdesc to set the 1st line.
    /resetcard - Resets target player's card. (Using /resetcard alone resets your own card.)
    Suggested perms:
    - cards.card = /card command access
    - cards.card.others = Check other player's cards. This should also control who can sneak right click others.
    - cards.edit = allows /setname, /setage, /setmale, /setfemale, /setdesc, and /addline.
    - cards.reset = Allows one to reset their own card.
    - cards.reset.others = Allows one to reset other player's cards for them.
    Due Date: Same due date as above.

    Another idea could be to simply create one plugin for the two, I don't know if that makes things easier or harder. If you do merge both into one, please throw in a /roll [max] command to roll a random number out of the sepcified max amount. (I.E. /roll 10 will roll any random positive integer that's equal to or under 10. Or in other, perhaps mor mathematical words {x|x=<MAX} (Where =<MAX is supposed to be equal to or lesser than the max value) Also, if you merge'em, name it "RolePlay Basics" :D Anyhow, hoping someone actually does this, I'll love you forever if you do. Oh, and if you make it, please, PLEASE upload it to bukkit's plugin archive so nobody else has to sit there all night going through the ENTIRE roleplay section only to find that the plugins are just not there... I even went through the trouble of testing the insanely few similar plugins I could find. I'd say a rough 75% are too outdated to even work, and the other 25% do run, but they're so outdated that they've become buggy enough to make them all rather useless... So put it up there for the world to find and use! :D

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