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    Plugin category: Territorial, Factions, Economy, and PvP

    Suggested name: Territory Capture

    What I want: I want a plugin where you can set up territories for factions to claim if they stand inside for a certain amount of time.
    Some of the features I want are:
    - Integrated with Factions, WorldGuard, Custom WorldGuard, and an Economy plugin.
    - Factions- So a faction can claim a territory.
    - World Guard- To easily set up territories to be able to be captured.
    - Custom WorldGuard- To define which territories are able to be captured, how long the capture time is, what are the rewards for capturing, and is Faction able to build on land once captured. Optional- If support or economic territory
    - Vault- To provide factions who own land a daily wage of money as long as their in control.
    - When capturing I want it to have a visual countdown in chat
    - If someone walks into the territory it is announced to the faction and their allies.
    - Be able to set a capture region inside the Territorial Capture
    - Players will have to stand inside the Capture Region to capture the point
    - Owned Territories can only be captured by Enemies of the Faction
    Not needed, but would be cool to see in the plugin:
    - To be able to regenerate the land once captured which will allow sieges and destruction to be reversed
    - Npc's spawn to protect the region from enemies of the faction
    - Support and Economic Territories
    - Support- Provides players with essentials items, weapons, and building materials.
    - An supply chest will be set up by the admin in each supply territory
    - Economics- Provides players with money per hour/day
    - When under attacked, a compass will point to the nearest enemy player inside the territory
    - Inside major territories, Allies of the Faction and the owning faction will have enchantments and spells to make them stronger.
    - Maps will have the borders of territories on them (if possible)

    Ideas for commands: Most of the configurations will be in the form of flags using CustomFlags for WorldGuard.
    Territory (true or false)- is it capturable?
    captureTime (amount)- how long it takes to capture
    Captureregion( true or false) (Territory it is for.)- or if it can automatically find which territory it is in.
    Capturereward (amount)- How much money does the faction receive on a min/hourly/daily basis?
    Capturerewardtime (Time)- How many mins/hour/days until Faction receives capturerewards
    CaptureBuild (true or false)- Can Faction build on captured territory
    TerritoryType (Supply or Economic)
    TerritorySupplyitems (itemid, itemid)- What the territories supply to the faction
    TerritoryEnchantments (potionId, PotionId) - Potion buffs while in territory
    TerritoryNpc (true or false)- Spawns sentry Npc's to protect territory (Only attack Factions enemies). Will die when other faction captures and new ones will spawn.
    /Territory set supplychest - Sets the supply chest
    /territory list - list the territories and who they are owned by
    / Territory- shows the current territory you are standing inside of and if their are enemies/allies
    /Territory (name)- Does the same except for the specified Territory

    Ideas for permissions: Doesn't need to many permissions since it is implemented into World Guard.
    territory.admin- /territory set supplychest
    territory.player- /territory list, /territory, and /Territory (name)

    When I'd like it by: 2 weeks. If that is way too short then just tell me I can wait month or two if needed.

    I really need a plugin like this for my server. I have different continents and would like to set them up with different regions so it is risked themed. It is vital that I can have a plugin that does these basic function so if you could write one for me that would be a big help. If it is allowed, you can get a staff position on my server.
    Thank you.
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    If this is just for your server, this would be in the servers section for you are looking for a server dev.
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    Oh, I mean other servers could use it. But thanks I will go check that out!
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