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Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by KingOfTheEast01, Aug 29, 2017.

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    Hey guys,

    My name is Lucas. I'm looking for some help with a project. Around Christmas time of last year, I was pouring almost every bit of time I had into learning Java and the Spigot and Bukkit API's. I was looking around for practice, and found a plugin request here on the Bukkit forums for a rank based plugin. It took me quite a bit of time to complete, considering I didn't have much knowledge of Java and the Bukkit API at the time. However, I did manage to complete it and upload it to the Bukkit Dev. I've racked up more than 650 downloads of it so far, but I've only created one update. Now, I barely have enough time to work on it.

    Recently, I received a request for a few features in my next update. Based on how I created the 1.0 version of the plugin, I'd have to recreate the entire plugin from scratch to fit in these new features efficiently. I also lack the time and skill to complete this update. That's where you all come in.

    I want to pass over the project to anyone else who'd like to take over and complete this request and any future ones. If you can complete the requests, I'd love to give you ownership of the project. You'd have complete control over the project. This most recent request has been bugging me, as I've yet to complete it, or do something about it. Thus, I've finally created this thread to hand over the project altogether.

    Any help with the project is appreciated.

    Thank you for reading this! Any help you can provide is appreciated. :D
    -Lucas (KingOfTheEast01)
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    I may be interested in updating the plugin. I just need to see the current state of the plugin before I agree to anything.
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