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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by skipperguy12, Mar 16, 2013.

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    Hey guys, so I have made a team plugin with Red team and Blue team.

    I need to somehow place players into the correct category, but how do I check if a certain slot is null/""?

    Please help, I need it to look like this:
    RED | BLUE
    p1 | p2
    p3 | p4

    I have a join command, so I could perform a TabAPI.updatePlayer to every player in the server there?

    I mainly need help adding the players.
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    Yep, and i'm quite confused.

    This is what I have now, but it doesn't set the player to the "next" slot available, and how can I put him in a certain column?

        public void playerLogin(PlayerLoginEvent e){
            final Player p = e.getPlayer();
            TabAPI.setPriority(plugin, p, 0);
            Bukkit.getScheduler().scheduleSyncDelayedTask(plugin, new Runnable(){
                public void run(){
            }, 2);
            public void updateTab(Player p){ //update the tab for a player
              TabAPI.setTabString(plugin, p, 0, 0, ChatColor.RED + "Red Team: " +, 0);
              TabAPI.setTabString(plugin, p, 0, 1, ChatColor.BLUE + "Blue Team: "+, 0);
              TabAPI.setTabString(plugin, p, 1, 0, ChatColor.RED + "----------", 0);
              TabAPI.setTabString(plugin, p, 1, 1, ChatColor.BLUE + "---------", 0);
              TabAPI.setTabString(plugin, p, 0, 0, p.getName()+ ((p.getName().length() < 15) ? TabAPI.nextNull(): ""));
            public void removePlayer(Player p){ //player died or left, return priority
              TabAPI.setPriority(plugin, p, -2); //-2 means this plugin isn't using the tab anymore, dont show
              TabAPI.updatePlayer(p); //always good to update the player after priority change so that the plugin with priority gets displayed
            //other code
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    Not sure you get how tabAPI works.
    It's a grid type thing, you'll have to know where your lines (the team and the -----) ends, and then make a for loop that adds to it, and loops back down when it hits the edge of the tab bar
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    me nether
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    I'm pretty sure this thread has been solved already
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