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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by warsaw0, Sep 10, 2013.

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    I just made a server for me and my friends like a few weeks ago and i was planing to upgrade so i can host 100+ people but i dont know what plugins i need so that it can have a Different Servers like factions, skyblock, creative, aswell as a hub server. i have been trying to get it setup but i am inexperienced in what plugins i need. i added some plugins and assigned the nodes like PEX ServerHub(dont know how to make items come into you inventory when you join the Hub world) dont know how to separate the worlds so that skyblock commands dont work on other worlds. and much more If anyone is willing to help i'd be very grateful and Once my server is to be done and up i'll give you a decent ranking :)

    i also have essentials , worldguard , worldedit , iconomy , mchat , multiverse - core/portals , vault , uskyblock , alphachest , chestshop , cleanroomgenerator :) , and thats about it for the plugins :x

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    1. Essentials - There's a configuration somewhere in the config file that you change what first time users get when they first join.

    2 Multi-Verse Inventories - Doesn't seem much, but helps out a lot when you want the player to not have the same inventory between worlds

    3. Permissions Ex - Please, for the sake of the server... Get this plugin and learn it.
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    Others would say you're much better off with Group Manager.
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