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Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by trigertre, Jul 22, 2015.

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    coowner and owner groups names are not correctly indented. Indent them correctly in line with the other groups
    Also, get rid of the [ ] surrounding the set of permission nodes in the middle rank
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    You can Think it is right, but in running the server you would see there are issues...

    1) You need only ONE "groups:" entry at the very beginning of the definitions - you can't have two of them in the file or it will either ignore the contents within one group block , or it will throw a parsing error by the program itself (it is technically okay yml format wise to have a dozen "groups:" entries with no indentation and not be invalid yml, but it is invalid data for the program that makes sense of the file)

    2) all group names must be indented two spaces, your co-owner rank on the beginning has no indentation. Everything within the co-owner block needs to be shifted over to properly align with your other ranks (Every word "default:", "info" "permissions" and "info" should be aligned the same from the top to the end of your document; every - dash listed in inheritance and permissions should be lined up at the same point as each other,etc.

    3) While double-quotes for strings are valid yml, they MAY cause you problems when trying to run some plugins, and you may need to change to single-quotes. But dont worry about changing the quotes - get all the other fixes made first
    and see if the system has a hard time parsing the file into memory due to string issues
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