Need Help With Bukkit Essentials.....

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Bloopbleep, Aug 27, 2011.

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    I Need Help With Bukkit Essentials For My SMP Server! I Really Wat It..... But I Need Help! Directions Or Maybe A Step by Step Video? Thanks!
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    So how do you figure help? I dont know how to USE essentials but I can help you install it. Did you download it and put it into your plugins folder? Gimmie something to work with :p
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    Really?! You Gots A Skype? If So It Would Be Much Easier For Me lol. Cause I Have Tried To Do It Over 15 Times Now And It Dont Work. So I Was Thinking Maybe I Could Just Send Over The Server Folder So You Could Put Them In? I Understand If You Dont Wanna Do That Though...... Thanks! So Much! (BTW I Need Help Installign =D) (World Edit And Essentials!)
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    #1. I'd be glad to help but i dont have a Skype and we dont need 1!
    #2. So what exactly do you want, step-by-step instructions for installing the plugin Essentials? If thats what you want just give me the link, I'll load it up on a test server and give you all the files and configs.
    #3. No need to use caps, just makes things harder...
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    Ok sorry jst typing with uppercase letters at the beggining of a word is a habit... sorry if it discus's you.....
    ummmm this one is essentials: Thanks...... Im not really sure what download link is on that page so is it ok if i sent u this instead (with the links on it)?
    and also can you try world edit for me too?if so here is world edit: On this page click the world edit 4.6 and it will ask u to download..... Thanks so much! oh and also yes step by step plz :) after u test it lol
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    Now WorldEdit I know how to use! I've been using that for the better part of 3 months...gimmie 30 minutes and ill have files with instructions :p
    ROFL you're a funny! it doesn't "discust" me lol :p i used to do that myself!
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    I have the same problem on my mac, I have been trying to use both of those as well and am having trouble instructions will be super appreciated
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    O wow essentials doesn't require ANY sql tables or anything complicated at all! This will be simple! Starting with essentials:


    Step 1. Go to this URL and click open (or save it and open it)

    Step 2. Take all of the .jar (java) files in the zip (copy) and put them into your Bukkit plugins directory. (paste) Ex. bukkit_server/Plugins

    Step 3. Once all of the jars are in the plugin directory its time to start the server! Once its started you will get a lot of messages on the console, this is normal its creating all of the config files and databases.

    Step 4. A lot of the commands and other things that relate to essentials can be found here I've never used essentials so i cant be too much help with usage :p

    Step 5. Unless you have a permissions plugin installed Essentials will only work for OP's (If you have one installed see step 6)

    OPTIONAL! Step 6. If you have a permissions plugin the nodes can be found here



    Step 1. Go to this URL and download WorldEdit.jar

    Step 2. Save that jar file and copy it into your plugins folder Ex. bukkit_server/Plugins

    Step 3. Start the server, again a lot of messages may pop up, thats normal its loading the config file!

    OPTIONAL! Step 4. Stop the server and open up the folder WorldEdit inside of your plugins directory.

    OPTIONAL! Step 5. Inside of config.yml at the very bottom is a built in permissions system. If you dont have any other permissions plugins and you want someone thats not an OP to use world edit change sk89q's name to that users name, you can keep coping and pasting that chunk until you have all non-OP users added.

    Step 6. By default WorldEdit will only work for OP's so if you have non-OP's that you want to be able to use it see step 4!

    Step 7. I have used WorldEdit before so if you have any questions about commands feel free to ask but a list of commands and some tutorials can be found here:

    OPTIONAL! Step 8. If you have another permissions plugin installed nodes can be found here:


    If something didn't work or you have any questions feel free to ask! I would give you the config files but I've never needed to edit my WorldEdit config files and Essentials is probably the same way!

    UPDATE: Both plugins seem to be running fine on my test server (CB 1060) with no permissions plugin installed.
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    Errggg... I dont have a Bukkit server -_- hmmmf :(
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    lol were you talking about single player? i can help you install a bukkit server if you want...
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    Yes Please! but i already have a good world i would like to use..... will it go away if i have a bukkit server? anyways lets get strated!
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    no, the world will stay the same but its best to back it up just to be safe. create a new folder called bukkit and go to this link: and put that jar into the folder. DO NOT CHANGE THE NAME!!! :p Create a new file in that folder named RUN.command and put this into it (this assumes your using a mac which I think you are, if not just say so):
    java -Xincgc -Xmx[RAM]M -jar craftbukkit-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar
    Then open a terminal and CD (change directory, ex. cd /users/alex/bukkit) to where RUN.command is and type this in:
    chmod +x RUN.command
    Change [RAM] to the amount of RAM (memory) you want the server to have, here are the options you can choose from (just type in the number before the= sign):
    Then start your server (double click RUN.command--make sure the other one is off!) and a lot of messages will appear, THATS NORMAL! Bukkit is automatically creating the files it needs to run! Once its booted shut it down. It should have created a world and a world_nether folder. If your old world isnt named world, name it world, and past it into the bukkit folder overwriting the automatically generated ones. Then open up your file and change max-players to something more than 1. Also if you want to be able to build around the spawnpoint (by default non-ops can build within a 16 block radius) open up bukkit.yml and change spawn-radius from 16 to 1. Now inside of your Bukkit directory there is a new folder that wasn't there on the vanilla server, Plugins. That is where you put all of your downloaded plugins! Lemme know if this didnt work for you...ive never tried a mac start up script!
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