Solved Need help : PvP not working (AGAIN)

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by iTouchTheSky, Feb 26, 2014.

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    Hi guys, I need help with my server the PvP won't just work ... I have tried disabling a lot of the plugins I have with plugman, still nothing ...

    Plugins list :
    - AntiCheat
    - Citizens
    - CombatTag
    - Essentials
    - EssentialsSpawn
    - iConomy
    - LogBlock
    - LWC
    - McMExtras
    - mcMMo
    - Modifyworld
    - Multiverse-Core
    - Multiverse-Portals
    - PermissionEx
    - Plugman
    - Questioner
    - Quests
    - Register
    - ScoreboardStats
    - Simple-AutoSave
    - SuperTickets
    - Towny
    - TownyChat
    - Vault
    - WorldBorder
    - WorldEdit
    - WorldGuard

    I have tried :
    - Changing Towny's default PvP wild settings to true (was false)
    - Changing Multiverse-Core's PvP settings for my world from false to true
    - Tried without Essentials, Modifyworld, Multiverse, Towny and WorldGuard ...

    Nothing works ! Help me please !
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    Have you tried looking through the serverproperties file or any of the plugins' configs? Something might be messed up there. Look mainly at modifyworld, towny, essentials, worldguard, worldedit, worldborder and, just to be safe, the multiverse plugins. Hope I helped!!
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    Is pvp set to true in your file?
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    Oh dude ... I already check all of this. But retry them one by one as you mentionned.

    Multiverse-Core was the problem.
    PvP was false, setting it to true while server is still on then reloading, was turning in false again..
    I had to completely close the server to solve it,
    Thanks for the help !
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    If you have this problem again contact me because there is a solution that you haven't tried. Game on.
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    Glad I could help :p
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