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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by emericask8ur, Aug 8, 2011.

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    when i use a vanilla server with the exact same world , its fine :(
    i think its the Permissions 3.x Plugin ...
    in the console is no problem shown , but i cant join...
    im using the following plugins:
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    That maybe it
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    but why....
    i got no problem in the console and permissions is working fine, but i cant join [creeper]
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    Thers some permissions bugs still out there im not sure about this though
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    Is there a way of fixing the 'I'm sorry, Dave, i cannot let you do that' Error?
    I cannot Whitelist people.. not even from the console, and i dont want to use PermissionsBukkit instead of Permissins 3.x
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    friends disconnecting and getting this error:

    Internal exception: Bad compressed data format
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    Hi there I'm new the bukkit and the forums here, I just made bukkit server and i install iconomy and essentials plugin for my bukkit server and I have a problem. The problem is i could buy anything even though i don't have enough money, for example i put a sign [Buy] 1 diamond $1500 i still could buy it with $0. How do i fix it. Thanks in advance
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    It won't charge ops
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    Is there a way you can add people in a group from in-game minecraft?
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    Hello I just got a new Mod that allows you to get ModloaderMp in the server so you can have Vanilla Server mods on a Bukkit server, but when ever i start my world i get a world generation error wat should i do.

    Lol nvm I fixed that but now whenever i try to get on the server it says End Of Stream.

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    Hey I have craftbukkit 1000 and made a server. But, my friends can't connect with my server. it says:

    Failed to connect to the server.
    Connection timed out: connect

    Can someone help me with this problem?
    and can someone give me a proper flying plugin? (im using easyflight right now, but its rubbish)
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    That problem is probably caused because you haven't portforwarded, Or you also need to type the port EX:

    Use Zombe's modpack for flying.
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    To fly you can use bFly plugin
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    @ emericask8ur i have been running a decated server for some time now (over 6 months) i up dated to CB# 1060 and now noone can connect toi the server downgeading to CB#1000 fixes this any ideas to why noone can connect?
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    ok, and how do I do that portforwarding?
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    Type your ip in the url
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    that's the ipv4 address when i type in cmd ipconfig, right?

    that doesnt work. it says that i couldnt connect.

    and what's that portEX what should i do with it?

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    type in the cmd ipconfig what do you see?
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    Every block on my server regenerates itself instantly after breaking and doesn't drop items... I have reinstalled minecraft and restarted my server several times. Any help would be appreciated.
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    umm....hi i have a problem with creating a bukkit server , users cannot connect using the external ip.I have port forwarded and i can run a vanilla server but whenever i try to start a bukkit server , only the internal ip works but not the external ip . i have tried all sorts of stuff like fresh install without any plugins but nothing works and i cant find a solution on the net...pls help
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    I see ipv4 address, subnetmask and standardgateway, and ipv6 but no port EX or something like that
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    How do i disable mods such as tomanyitems mod on my 1000 bukkit server?
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    i want to know that too :D
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    In the config or through that game, i use essentials group manager which all i have to do is /manuadd [player] [group]

    Did you put your internal ip in the server properties file?

    Can send me the ip's that are showing up

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    Thanks that's indeed a great one.
    One more question. Is there a way to prevent mods and admins giving stuff to people in another world. I use the essentials.give for that. Hope that's enough info for you.
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    Kia Hanson

    Could you tell me your Skype so you can help me over there please?
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    plaese help how do i allow bukkit through my firewall
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    hello, i still have an unanswered question:
    i have Itemcraft and about 3 -4 mods for it, and i got a bunch of plugins.
    how come when i join my server my minecraft Crashes then goes black screen on joining, i can play single player with the mdos, i just cant join my own server :(
    please help
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    Everyone is Admin and i only want me and my friend to be it. I also want 1 moderator and the rest defaults and how do i do this?

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