Need Experienced Coder for New Plugin Project

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by HighlifeTTU, Apr 16, 2012.

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    Howdy folks. I run HCFactions, a 3-day death ban factions server. The server has had over 7000 unique visits, sports a subreddit with ~900 subscribers, a fully built website with detailed stats, and a very active community.

    My previous coder has had some real life obligations come up and had to post pone plugin development for a couple months, so I'm looking to bring on a new coder. This doesn't mean you'd be replaced if my old coder ever returns, you would become a part of the team and eventually work with my old coder on larger projects.

    I have a number of ideas, some small, some large. The plugins I'd ask you to develop depend on the experience in coding. Some involve minor tweaks to gameplay (balance), some involve server events, and my "large project" is much more involved and would be meant to add some significant features to the server that would really take things to a new level.

    Please send me a PM if you are interested. I can provide you with the perks you would earn inside the server along with other things. Please provide your level of experience, and link any plugins you have already developed. Please realize that since the server is 150 slots, I have a very big focus on efficiency.

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