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    Hello bukkit!
    My name is bossyfins and I am looking for a plugin to be made for me :D

    The name of the plugin is called AugustGamesz.

    What it needs to do.
    1. Have its own MOTD timer. Both in-game and outside. {Starts from 5 minutes} Once 5 mins up, it must say This Game has Started
    2. Have kits
    Kit god
    Armor: Protection 7, Blast Protection 7, Projectile Protection 7 and Featherfalling 7 Diamond Armor.
    Sword:Diamond Sword with Sharpness 7, Smite 7 and Fire Aspect 2.
    Bow: Explosion 1, Power 7, Flame 1, Punch 1. The Explosion must destroy blocks such as dirt,sand,gravel etc. But can destrroy blocks such as Stone, Cobblestone, ETC.
    Food: 6 Steak
    Tools: Effi 5 Diamond pick.

    Kit Explosion
    Armor: Leather Armor with Protection 1, and Blast protection 1.
    Bow: Explosion 1 Power 1.
    Tools: 32 Arrows

    Kit Elite-Diamod
    Armor: No armor
    Sword: Diamond Sword with Sharpness 7, Smite 7 and Fire Aspect 2.
    Bow: Power 1,Explosion 1.
    Food: 6 Steak

    Kit Ridic
    Armor: Diamond Armor with Protection 5, Blast protection 5, and Projectile Protection5.
    Sword: Sharpness 5, Fire aspect 2.
    Bow: Power 5, Explosion 1.
    Tools: Effi 5 Diamon pick, 2 stacks of arrows.

    Other stuff:
    Must display when a player is killed.
    Can only be 1 Winner
    Must have a shop system
    It is SurvivalGames but with OP stuff.
    At the end of the game, It must also display fireworks :D

    Please try to make this plugin, IK its a lot but i would like to see my dream come into reality.

    When i would like it: I would love it if it was done in a month. But i understand if it takes longer :D

    Please and thankyou

    PS: This plugin is for a server i work on, as they cannot find a dev to do this.

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