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    ~A custom world generation like this-
    Excpet the ruins are very rare. I also want ore to be 50% more rare. I also want rare portals that teleport you to the clean world if you have proper perms.

    ~The creation of a secondary world.
    Where there is no pvp, hostile mobs and lots of more ores.

    ~Anyone access to files can set permissions for the amount of time players can spend in the secondary (clean) world.
    ie- the node is like this-- -apoca.timespend.(numer of minutes) and in the apoca plugin config, you determin what that perms time is out of (like if the perms
    say a play can spend 5 minutes, you set it to 120 in the config, so every 2 hours you can spend up to 5 minutes (not back-to-back)
    in the clean world. But the time you do NOT sped does not carry over to your next two hours.

    /apoca (gives a list of all commands)
    /clean (teleports you to the spawn of the clean world) apoca.clean
    /return (return you to the same location you were in, in the wasteland world) apoca.return
    /tptime (gives you the number of minuets and seconds you have left in the clean world) apoca.tptime
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    Sounds like a good idea.
    OT: HaiDer HoleyMonkey :D
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    Hahaha xD
    I really need the plugin :D
    Good to see you here
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    Would be a lot easier using the mod to generate the map, and then limiting the map size and using the map.
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    Well there are serveral things that I want that the mod does not have. Plus the mod is only for vanilla...
    Plus its for 1.1

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