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    Name for the Plugin: RankChoice

    What I want: I'd like a plugin that would assing specified Ranks to Players with signs and commands. When a Player would press a sign they would be given the info. on that Rank and they would have to type /yes or /sim to confirm that rank, move on to choose another Rank or type /no or /nao. And the Description for the rank would be written in the config file with the ability to use color codes.

    The Sign Would be Like This:
    <Rank Name>
    <Price (If Any)>
    <Info about the /yes and /no>

    Ideas for permissions:

    - RankChoice.yes - valid for /sim and /yes
    - - valid for /nao and /no
    - RankChoice.use - Permissions to use the sign
    - RankChoice.* - Give all Perms

    Compatible With:

    - PermissionsEx
    - GroupManager
    - Vault

    Very Much Appreciated
    - DerVillion
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    Does it do exactly what it says there?

    Thank you! :D Helped alot! :D

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    That's a lot of detail -.-
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    Dude, what do you want?
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    More detail, I guess...
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    Even more? o:
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    Fixed title, it was all caps.
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    Thanks and Sorry

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