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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Orgy, Sep 18, 2011.

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    Not really sure where this thread goes; if I posted it in the wrong section, I apologize.

    I've got a hardcore PvP server. I don't want a server owned shop. Instead I want players to be able to buy and sell to other players only. I'd like them to be able to have their own shop.

    Griefing and stealing is allowed on my server. To give them a shop, I'd have to give them a shop in a protected region. I can't give them protected chests, because that would give them a place to hide their goodies.

    So I need a plugin that lets them create shops and sell items without the use of chests. Or at least chests near their shop.

    Like maybe they could have a chest in their home, wherever they've hidden it, and somehow link it to their shop in town so that they can still hide their chest but sell out of it?

    I hope i'm being clear enough.
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    Damn. No replies at all. :(
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    Do you have an existing economy plugin?
    Do you want to use Items for currency?

    To use Items as currency I recommend PhysicalShop
    For an existing economy plugin.. that depends on the plugin.
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    I don't currently have an economy plugin. I'm using essentials, though, if that counts.

    PhysicalShop looks great, but it doesn't allow me to use chests that aren't in the shop, so that wouldn't work. I appreciate the help, but I'd rather you read the OP first.
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    You know essentials has a built in trade sign?

    You can use that.
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    Appreciate the help, but please refer to the OP. I need one where I can place chests AWAY from the signs.
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    Take a look at the one in my sig. The chests dont have to be anywhere near the signs :p
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    I tried that one but had some problems with it. Specifically the player_interact bug. I know there's a fix for it, but due to the fact that players can easily lie about what their sign is selling as well as a few other things, I decided against using it. I'm checking out Duckshop now. Hopefully it's what I need.
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