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    Plugin category: Fun/Multiverse

    Minecraft version: Minecraft Spigot 1.10.2

    Suggested name: MYST-kortee

    What I want:

    kortee - plural of "kor", the D'ni word for "book"

    The D'ni have the gift of Rehgehstoy (The Art), an ability to write descriptions of worlds, or ages, in books called "kormahn", or "descriptive book", and touch a front panel go to that age. They can write shorter versions of the kormahn called the "korvahkh", or "linking book". Books cannot be taken with the person to the age, they are left behind.

    QUICK OVERVIEW: This is to have a method of teleporting players from world to world using two concepts: Descriptive Books and Linking Books. Descriptive books are made by admins and manifest as enchanting tables, which must be placed. Upon right clicking a Descriptive Book in the world, it teleports the player to the world it links to. To create linking books, right click the descriptive book with a Book&Quill, which teleports to that world, and finish by right clicking a place in that world with the Book&Quill. Leaving the world or logging out cancels Linking Book creation.

    Admins should be able to create descriptive books, and players should be able to make linking books.

    1. Descriptive books should be made after a command is typed (see command ideas) and be deposited to the admin's inventory creating it as an enchanting table with the label "Descriptive Book" and the lore1 saying the world it links to, and lore2 saying the location. It should be able to be placed and broken and maintain the info. To use a descriptive book, place it and right click it. Cannot be placed in the same world it was created in.
    2. The player should not use commands except for one condition (see command ideas), but instead creates linking books by holding a book & quill (writable_book) and right click a descriptive book. The descriptive book teleports the player to that world, and the player gets the message "world link created, please specify location" and then can take his linking book and right click a spot in the other world to finish creating the linking book. To use the linking book, the player must hold the book in hand and right click. There should be a few moments before linking, so the book can fall to the ground. Lore should be similar to the Descriptive Book, saying "Linking Book".

    NOTE 1: Linking books cannot be used in the world they link to, and they do not go with the player on use, with the exception of a Relto-style book. Relto books should be treated like a "home" location teleporter. Each Relto book is bound to the player who owns it. Relto books can work for anyone, linking to those home locations. If Steve drops his Relto book, Alex can use it, but it drops. If Steve uses his Relto book, it ports him but doesn't drop. It's a way to share a "home" location with someone who may not have one of their own.

    NOTE 2: Players using linking books may want to build a "linking chamber" where the book can be taken by a floor of hoppers and routed back to a chest or something similar, so their book isn't cleared with lag clearing tools. Lost linking books are not as uncommon though, as the entire MYST game series starts with the player finding one that was left behind somewhere, somehow.

    NOTE 3: Prison books could be necessary, and the use of plugins such as "perworldplugins" or the likes, along with a multiverse world, deny all plugins and make a vanilla-style world, or any kind of world you would want for a prison. Have the admin create a descriptive book to that world, and when players are bad, he can make a "prison book" to right click a player with which sends the clicked player to the prison world, with no way out. Just some super-amplified nut house for bad players to grief each other. :)

    NOTE 4: A sound should play on linking. Config should allow for custom sounds if server uses an MCPatcher resource pack, for example. Would be cool to have the official sound from the Myst games while teleporting out of the world and into the next.

    NOTE 5: A player should not be able to move after right clicking with a linking book. He should be held in place and made to not be able to use items to avoid him picking up a dropped linking book. OR if he does move or perform an action, it cancels the link, but this is not how the linking books actually work, so it breaks the story-lore of the items. Once used, you can't stop, and you better bring a link back. :)

    Ideas for commands:

    • /kor new age <bookname> : admin/moderator - create new descriptive book based on world and location the admin is standing, adds an enchanting table with the info.
      • /kor new age <bookname> <worldname> <0,0,0> - to write a new one without having to be in the location.
    • /kor new prison <bookname> : admin/moderator - same as above but for prison ages.
      • /kor new prison <bookname> <worldname> <0,0,0> - to create a new prison descriptive book.
    • /kor prison : admin - prompted to right click a prison descriptive book to make a new prison linking book.
    • /kor relto clear : player - players with "relto" permission can reset their Relto book to receive a new location.
    • /kor relto give : player - players can get a new Relto book.
    NOTE: The command should be /kor or /kortee to avoid something like "/book" or "/books" conflicting with other plugins.

    Ideas for permissions:

    • kortee.admin : admin - can create descriptive books.
    • kortee.grower : moderator/perk - can create books that go with the player on teleport, like Relto books, but works with every book created after obtaining perk.
    • kortee.use : player - can use descriptive and linking books
    • kortee.relto : player - players with this perk can have a "home" book that doesn't drop on using, and can be used in the same world.
      • kortee.relto.clear - clears a Relto book, making it usable for setting a new location.
      • kortee.relto.set - right click a block with a blank Relto book to set a new location.
      • kortee.relto.give - gives the player their Relto book if it's not on them.

    When I'd like it by: "Perhaps the ending can never truly been written..." ~Atrus

    PERSONAL NOTE: I've never played MYSTcraft but I have heard of it. I'm not interested in how that mod works as it is not a plugin for Spigot/Bukkit.
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    After reading everything, I still don't understand what the plugin is supposed to do. I assume it has something do to with books :p
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    It teleports players to different worlds. It's an alternative to using portals, and using books instead.

    If you haven't played the MYST game series, go check them out. Or watch some let's play videos on them. It'll make sense when you understand the game lore. It's a simple concept. :)
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    If the concept is easy, then you can count on me. But try to explain in simple words what it has to do. If it is really that simple, then I'll make your plugin.
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    I added a little section to the top to give a basic overview. Go read that to see if it helps.

    Order of events:

    1. Admin creates descriptive book.
    2. Admin places descriptive book in world.
    3. Player right clicks descriptive book and is teleported.
    4. Player can also right click with Book&Quill on descriptive book to make linking book.
    5. Player must choose a location in descriptive book world to finish making a linking book.
    6. Player can (in any other world) use that linking book to go back to that location.
    7. Linking book is dropped and doesn't go with player on use.
    Also this, for home books:

    1. Player types "/relto give" to get a new Relto book
    2. Player goes where s/he wants to link Relto book to, and types "/relto set" with book in hand.
    3. Player may use Relto book anywhere in any world, including the world it was made in.
    4. Player can type "/relto clear" to reset his/her Relto book, so to set a new location for their home.

    And this for prison books:

    1. Admin creates prison world to his/her specifications, independent of this plugin.
    2. Admin creates descriptive book to prison world.
    3. Admin creates prison book.
    4. Admin holds prison book and right clicks person to imprison.
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    But I really don't understand. A book is an item, not a block. Probably It's just me but what is a descriptive book??? Like . Admin places Descriptive book in world (what does that mean?)
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    The Descriptive Book is placed in the world because it's an enchanting table to have the "book" effect. It doesn't act like an enchanting table, it teleports on right clicking.
    As I said:

    "Descriptive books are made by admins and manifest as enchanting tables"
    "after a command is typed (see command ideas) and be deposited to the admin's inventory creating it as an enchanting table with the label "Descriptive Book""
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    I Al Istannen

    You doing this?

    What happens if a descriptive book is picked up? Do the linked books become invalid?

    Should the player be invincible while he waits for teleportation?
    Should the player be able to fall down while he waits for teleportation?

    Why is there suddenly a name argument for descriptive books?

    Does the enchanting table have some special particle effects, if it is a descriptive one? Or how do you detect those?

    What? Should right clicking teleport you BACK to the linked descriptive book, or to a place in the world you decided?

    What happens to a dropped home book? Does it also lose it's location? Same with setting a new one.

    How many relto books can a player have? Does a dropped one count as one too?

    It would be easier if you could add an ID in the lore of the items, to recognize them. Otherwise you need to use NBT tags, which could theoretically change and break the plugin in the future. Chances are slim though, I think.
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    If you can and want to do this then please go ahead. I got many more projects to do and you are understanding it much better then me

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn A0001 met Tapatalk
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    I Al Istannen

    I will see if I can, I will hope I want :p
    Would be nice if you could at least push it back a bit on your To-Do list :)
    Still wonder how you do so many requests though :D
    Thanks for letting me have a go :)

    (And I just hope I understood it... xD Not sure either, never played the games)

    I settled with NBT tags for now. This means you don't see any stored data. I hope it is persistent, I will find that out.
    Do you want the locations to also have yaw and pitch? And how accurate? Block locations (e.g. -10, 5, 5) or exactly where the player is?

    And why does the descriptive book need a location and world name? What is the purpose of that? Shouldn't it just work in the world it is placed in?

    Should there be countdown messages for the teleport?
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    Descriptive books link TO a world where the admin desires and a location he desires. It is not meant to be placed in the same world it's linking to, but even in Myst lore the D'ni keep the descriptive book of the world to where they reside with them, so they always have a copy of the planet they are squatting on. So yeah, they should be able to be placed in their own world. Here's how the process would work:
    1. admin makes descriptive book
    2. admin places descriptive book into world
    3. player does one of two things
      1. right clicks descriptive book with hand (should be empty to be lore friendly, as only skin can verify a link)
        1. player is linked to the world the admin defined
      2. right clicks descriptive book with book&quill
        1. player is linked to the world
        2. player is asked to right click the block they want the linking book to link to
        3. book is finished being made
    Now the thing is, the player would act in the following way: Steve has linking books to various places, but they'll all fall down if he uses them. He's going to have to set up multiple home places in each world to house his books that would otherwise be left on linking back. From an admin standpoint, it encourages game play in multiple worlds.

    Yes, yaw and pitch would be great. Did you see that descriptive books are _enchanting tables_? Lots of people didn't understand that part. The particle effect should be on the enchanting table/descriptive book just to differentiate it from a regular enchanting table. And yes, exact location is usually better, since I'm building a story in my server, I have Riven world, and I need to make sure they port to the exact starting location in a small cage, so being centered is important.

    I think so far as teleport, if possible to do it after a sound effect is finished playing, that would be cool. With this, also let a custom timer be set for linking out. No more than 8 or 10 seconds max. I'll be distributing a custom resource pack that will be able to call on custom sounds, so keeping that in mind would be helpful in the "link out" and "link in" sounds area. In this way, I could also do custom gfx for the Linking books and Descriptive books, as well, but that's neither here nor there right now.

    The player should not be able to fall or be hit in this linking time. After the link, maybe 3 or 5 seconds of invulnerability would be good.

    There should be only one link for your Relto book, and if a Relto book is in inventory, they shouldn't be able to obtain another one. A dropped Relto book should go exactly where it's meant to go. Players would share their Relto books this way. OR have ANY Relto book go to the player who uses its' home, and to share a Relto a player could right click another player with their Relto book and the other player would have to type /relto accept to go to that player's home.

    I have a number of teleportation plugins, because I don't fancy the ease of use from /home in essentials. I enjoy a more "survival" aspect of using plugins. :) If you have any more questions please ask.
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    I Al Istannen

    Makes sense now :) Wasn't quite clear for me from the text, could be on my end though :p

    Sorry if you answered that before, but what effect has being "linked"? The books teleport, but what does being linked to a world do? Do you spawn there?

    Any timeframe for this? Or just when they want?

    Made that adjustable, saw it.

    Any idea for one? Let me decide if it is too complex ;)

    Good, made it that way :)

    Not possible sadly. No way to know if it is finished. But I made the time customizable, so you can adjust it.

    One sound effect if they start teleporting (during warmup), one when they link the book. Any more?

    Okay, will change that.

    Decide please ;)
    They shouldn't be able to obtain one when they have one in their inventory, but gain infite, if they just drop their book before requesting another one and pick it back up. Contradicting?
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    A "link" is a tp to a location specified, be it admin specified desc. books or player define linking books.

    If they link out of the world it should cancel the creation process. I thought about it being on log-out, too, which would be nice.

    Something subtle, but still draws the eye. :)


    No more, that's all. :)

    This one: have ANY Relto book go to the player who uses its' set home location, and to share a Relto a player could right click another player with their Relto book and the other player would have to type /relto accept to go to that player's home. Also to prevent the infinite book thing, you could make the book craftable, and the sub commands for it require the book in hand.

    Another note: to be lore friendly, a player should not be able to cancel his teleportation.[/QUOTE]
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    I Al Istannen

    I almost wanted to write another question, until I realized I am dumb xD
    One click with the hand ==> Teleport
    Click with a book ==> Teleport + Let them choose a location where the linked book will take them

    Hopefully that is right now :p

    Should both be possible :)

    As if I was creative enough to think of one... You will end up with a radial sinus wave, as I like that effect... Not quite subtile and lightweight.
    Honestly, if you have ANYTHING in mind, really ANYTHING, please say it. I am okay at programming, but I am incredibly bad at making something look good.

    Okay :)

    Do you have any recipe in mind? I don't know the game, I don't know what could fit in the story :/

    So a one time teleport. If a player loses one of his relto books however, anybody can use it, though it will drop.

    Sorry if I am being dumb :/
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    Maybe a brown-ish sparkle that falls around the block part (so the book part isn't obstructed by the particles)

    Maybe a book&quill and glowstone dust, only the D'ni know how the ink and paper was made, we humans have no clue, so a simple recipe would be best. No specific pattern. (the story is very cerebral, the player is lead to a state of believing this is actually happening in the world around us, as the Uru game takes place in our modern day where we found their ruins in a cavern beneath the desert in New Mexico. Information was limited, and very cryptic if anyone found anything at all.)

    Anyone can use it but it's linked to their own character. This eliminates breaking into someone else's base or whatever, even with grief protection it's rude to just hop in on someone's stuff. lol

    It's okay, you can be dumb if you want. :p
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    I Al Istannen

    So it will become their home book, pointing to their home? Just completly lose its original location and stuff?

    Oh, I will :p
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    Yes do the Relto book that way. A Relto book should practically look the same to everyone, but the home location data is stored per character and not per book. It's not lore friendly, but it has to be practical in the world of Minecraft.

    In the lore of Myst, Relto is a miniature version of Myst Island, and was written by Yeesha for her mother and father, Catherine and Atrus. Yeesha had the gift of The Grower. She could link without books, herself or another person; she could write books that linked with people, and linked to ages where each person who linked had their own version of it (Relto). She broke the laws of The Art. By the end of the story she was practically a god, but quite benevolent, not like evil or anything.
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    I Al Istannen

    I have partly done and will make the relto that way then.

    I have all the books afaik, except the relto done. The tracking is done via NBT, so you won't see that the items are special (except lore and stuff).

    And I will need to make the particle effect still, if you have a reference picture, go ahead and show it :p

    Would it be nicer of the user wrote "set home" or something in the relto in order to make that location their home? Or use a command?
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    Particle effect: make it like an ender chest effect but like brown instead of purple.

    They can just do a command for Relto books.
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    I Al Istannen

    Should they be able to reuse their relto books?
    So, should all relto books - in their inventory -become unset, once they reset their home, so they can use them for the relto set command?
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    Yes. And if you drop your Relto book, I can pick it up, but it only goes to my set location. But if you right click me with your book, I should get a message "type /relto accept to go to %player%'s home" or something. Then I "/relto accept" and there I port. Relto books could be misused this way, but that's a risk anyone takes by going into a linking book offered to them.

    Even in Riven, your purpose was to trap Ghen in a prison that looked like D'ni, but wasn't. In this concept, players might want to take revenge or start wars because of linking book practices.

    I enjoy the openness of it because it creates culture on the server.

    I see Relto books being plentiful, but it could be possible to only let admin create relto books and sell them from a server shop. Might work better.
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    I Al Istannen

    Browns looks terrible as the effect :/
    And since you need to specify the color, you can't specify speed and such, which makes it not look as cool.

    Any other idea? Otherwise I will stick with a copy of the normal enderchest.

    The unfinished relto books can be crafted and then set with the command. Once you clear the home, all set booksins your inventory get converted to unset ones. Once you set a new home, all relto books will work, no matter if they were converted or not. You always teleport to your home.

    Prison books left, I think. (And the particle and sounds xD)

    EDIT: I have lost motivation (yea! :confused:) and should be learning for an exam... I will probably implement the prison book in a not so nice way. Sorry, but it is just annoying to work on this project for me now :/
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    It's okay, if you wish to no longer continue, I had a few other people interested in the idea that I've talked to. I can likely find someone who can do this project.
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    I Al Istannen

    We will see. Better stop me before I make these particles though:
    Descriptive Book.png

    Here is the current version of the plugin (sneak and right click to send a relto request), NOT sneak if you want to use the book. Base command: "/kor". Help is not yet availlable, but tab complete reveals all you need (age, relto).
    Requires this library (which is crappy, I will make a new one).
    The libary also supplies a throughout language system, which you can utilize by editing the language files in the folder.

    It WILL NOT GENERATE A CONFIG, this line is not in the plugin. But you can copy the config out of the jar file (Open it with 7-Zip / WinRar).

    The code for the library is on my github, the code for this project in this gist.

    But maybe I will finish it.
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    I'm about to go get some sleep, but I'll check it out tomorrow. I am patient if you're willing to work on it.

    If you want to remove the particle effect, I can just use a plugin I have to make one for them. It isn't that big of a deal to make it yourself honestly.
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    I Al Istannen

    I will probably. Not sleep time here (germany) :p

    I can remove the particle effect, I can make one too. It just depends on how it should look.
    The brown particles looked horrible, and I am being polite...

    These bars look funny, but are probably not practical. Do you have any picture from the game?

    Mind explaining that a bit further?
    Every book they make, for everyone?
    Every book, if the player has this permission?

    EDIT 2:
    The things above are the last ones, I think. Rest seems to be done. Cleanup needed for the commands though, as well as a help command.
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    Don't worry about the grower permission.

    As far a the particle effect, if you look at block particles plugin, there's one called spiral and one called double spiral. Try something like that perhaps, I'm sure you can see which would look nicer. But with red or gold or something, since brown looks bad.
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    I Al Istannen

    I think I am finished. Could you try it?
    Config exists, help command does too and the language file as well.

    Same links. Plugin. Library.

    Permission for the commands are defined in the language file, change them to fit your needs.
    They won't currently.

    The permission to use a prison book is "kortee.prison.use". This is to prevent normal players from using them if they find one.

    The rest should be how you asked for it.
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    Thank you, I will test it when I get home from work in the morning!

    @I Al Istannen

    I got this error on startup:

    EDIT by Moderator: merged posts, please use the edit button instead of double posting.
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    I Al Istannen

    Wish they would alert you on edits / double posts... xD

    Make sure you have the util installed and redownload the plugin from the same link.
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