Mycelium Invasion!- infects map, must fight it back!

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by rity177, Jan 22, 2012.

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    I always wanted something similar to mycelium, that spread and infected the map. Even before notch released mycelium, I thought it would be cool if the nether infected from the portal , and you had to destroy it and fight back mobs that spawned on the newly taken nether. But when this was made, I was sure it was going to work exactly like I want and invasion type biome. Sadly , it was decided not to behave like a lot of people thought it would ,and doesn't spread and takeover the world.

    What I would like in a plugin is these key points
    • mycelium slowly infecting blocks, probably limited to grass, and expanding
    • things such as trees , shrubs, etc turning into mushrooms or at least being eliminated
    • making it a challenge for players to fight back, but also give ways for the player to deal with it better then just block by block ( lava or something)
    • hostile mobs spawn on it to fight back, maybe even buildings made from mushrooms

      Please give any further ideas/comments! ​
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    Really good idea mate, but I can't code :(
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    Yea, I can code , but not nearly well enough for this :) hopefully who can also wants to make this
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    I would love this plugin
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    Nick Hooper

    Yes, i have been working on a plugin to do this, i have recently re-installed windows and i need to get everything back on my computer before i can continue to build it. It may be a few days...
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    ok, Id really appreciate being kept up to date, really excited about this plugin

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