My username seems to break things

Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by 0xElliot, Aug 14, 2012.

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    Put simply, when I try to use this username to register on BukkitDev, I get this result:[​IMG]

    It worked perfectly on the forums, and on my GitHub profile. Is this a bug? If not, is there any logical reasoning behind this sort of restriction?
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    I did some testing and it looks like you can't have names that start with numbers, although that error message is really not very helpful. I also got an "Invalid profile" while testing what ever that means.
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    Isn't it glorious? In order to complain, you need to register, but in order to register, you need to submit a complaint with curse. By the time they tell you there's nothing they'll do about it, you'll already have an account.

    I tried quite hard to get my curse premium cancelled before they finally told me they didn't have a system in place to remove my curse premium subscription. They finally offered to remove my plugin, so I've suffered the immense emotional toll of having curse premium since.
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    I asked them via Twitter and Facebook which are my only real avenues as the support page also has a broken CAPTCHA plugin (no site-key being sent to the API). Nothing else I can really do. Until then I guess my plugins can stick on GitHub.
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    You could always use a username that works.
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    This is 2012. The username should work.
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    I gave you a support avenue, and an alternative. It is your choice to do something about it, or not. Whether it should work or not is really rather irrelevant.
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    As much as it's a completely valid alternative, I don't really see why this restriction should be in place at all. As such, I'm doing what I can about it: I've informed the Curse support team via the best avenues I can due to my inability to even register a support account thanks to a broken CAPTCHA site key.

    Er, please enlighten me as to how the solution to my problem is irrelevant, though. That part I just don't understand.
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    Saying it should work is irrelevant.

    Glad you've taken on my recommendation to talk to the people who need to know about this concern of yours. Locked.
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