My server lags (I tried lots of methods to solve) :( Why?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by FrancescoTG, Oct 17, 2012.

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    Hi all!

    I'm desperate, because I can't figure out in this issue:
    My server lags only sometimes. For example, some days ago, there were only 5-6 players and it was lagging. Later, with 12 players online, there was no lag (in that momen LagMeter said 20 TPS).
    Bukkit version: 1.3.2 R1.0

    The machine, built by me, has:
    - 4 GB RAM DDR2 (600-650 GhZ I think)
    - Xeon Processor

    The connection is 10 MB/s Download and upload (tested with the wget command using big files downloaded from fast sites).
    The location is Parma, Italy.

    What I tried:
    - Deleted lots of Anvil region files
    - Deleted lots of worlds
    - Deleted entities
    - Tried to remove all the plugins and add them one by one

    I don't know why it lags. My ideas:
    - Bad italian internet connection?
    - LogBlock MySQL connection?
    - Slow DDR2 RAM
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    It could also be your location to server,where are you from?
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    I'm from Italy, and the server is hosted in the city of Parma. I've written the connection speed in the first post.
    Thanks for your reply.
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    How much RAM have you given the server?

    Also, how many worlds are there on the server?
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    I gave to CraftBukkit 3500 MB of RAM and the performance didn't change, but I obtained a better machine performance.
    There are 14 worlds.
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    Well 14 worlds seems like an awefull lot, buuuut if you have tried to remove all of them and it still lags, then it's probably not a server side problem, rather a client one (am i speaking in tongues :S?), have a freind test the server, see if it lags for him aswell.
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    Thanks bro!
    I'll try to remove some worlds, but now I'm SURE that's not a client problem. I don't have any mods (like my users) and the server still lags.
    I'll post the responese.
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    You gotta figure out if this is server/tick lag, bandwidth lag, or client lag. Are you hosting and playing the game on the same computer? If so, exactly what kind of Xeon is it? Try setting the server process to high priority. What OS do you have?
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    If your server is local hosted, It could easily lag with that amount of players and you connected aswell.
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    OS: MineOS Crux (a Linux distribution). It's not heavy, it just uses 20 MB of RAM.
    It's a dedicated machine built by a friend, that I've hosted in an office in my city with 10 MB Download and Upload speed.
    I'll tell you the CPU type.

    It's a dedicated server, not a home server.
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    Wrong section buddy.
    Edit: Sorry! I thought I was looking in plugin requests.
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    14 worlds wont fit on 3.5GB RAM, atleast, i wouldn't suggest it, remove them all, then see if it lags, also use /gc if you have essentials..

    It will tell you the free ram etc.

    You also have a lot of plugins, may i suggest running 1 or 2 worlds, or get more ram(highly suggested)
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    /gc result:
    What can you see from it?
    I'll try to remove some worlds and some plugins.
    I'll tell you.
    Thanks for your support.
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    Well, you are using up 2.8GB of your 3.5GB assigned during that /gc.
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    dude you have way to many worlds and your upload/download speed isn't that good and i doesn't help that you in italy plus 35 plugins doesn't help id say that you upgard to a different consloe or downgrade your server big time
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    Memory allocated to bukkit: 3500 MB
    Well, I don't really know if my problem exists because of the connection...
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    10MB/s upload is a fine connection..

    Your server is using 2.8GB of the allocated RAM (3.5GB)

    Remove some worlds. Definately. Lol.
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    Add more ram or add WorldBorder so the worlds wont use so much ram
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    Thanks, I'll try and tell you the result.

    I'm considering to use plugins like that.
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