My server is slow for joining, and takes a long time to refresh it in the server list.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by rusztmas, Jul 26, 2017.

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    Whenever i refresh the servers in the server list, mine is the last one, that loads the current player number, and the connection's status. So in nutshell, it is refreshing very slow, (takes up to 5 secs).
    & joining is very slow too. It even takes 10 secs to join, and it won't display logging in and building terrain, just displays "Connecting to server...". I am not using any plugin right now, and this is just a simple Spigot server.
    Did not do anything on it yet. It was doing the same on windows, but now i installed Ubuntu Server 16.04 x64.

    Starting params:
    screen -S mc java -Xmx2048M -Xms2048M -jar spigot-1.12.jar nogui

    It is a VPS, virtual machine. There is a Xeon (2 cores)inside, and 3 gigs of ram. What may the problem be?
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    First, try it again, but this time remove the "-Xmx" tag. That says the memory cannot go over 2048MB, but that is the minimum requirement for an empty server. You want it to have as much memory as it needs, so remove the tag.

    After that, if the problem still persists, does your server lag? If so, there may be an issue with the processor or the memory. If not, the issue is most likely with your internet connections
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    Hmm what about the server specs?

    Ram: ?
    Is it home hosted or datacenter:?
    Any messages inside the console saying "can't keep up":?
    how many worlds are you using: ?

    Minecraft servers depend alot on cpu, things like entities do require alot of cpu power.
    The last time when I checked that was even before 2013 the minimal requirements were around 2.40 GHz or it was 1.8ghz but I think it was 2.40ghz or higher or you will see entities like Creepers, cows fall under the world.

    Also checked how many entities are inside all the active chunks?
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