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Can u guys make a killcam just like in mw3?

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    i have encountered a plugin called 'spectate', that could show me what other people can see.
    and it will be cool for my server.
    is it possible?
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    Mathias Eklund

    Please explain a bit more what it is you want, as the title and contents of the thread is different.
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    I think you answered it yourself ;)
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    When I die my screen will change to show how the player killed me.
    Google mw3 killcam. If u do not know what it is
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    This has been requested before, and everybody said that it was impossible
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    It's possible..
    Not sure how though. I've see it on a few servers.
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    It depends on how advanced you want it to be. If you want a "Press X to Respawn" type thing, thats impossible.
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    Correct me if I'm wrong but can't this be done pretty easily. I mean something like this: Once there health is below 3 half hearts, it will clear their inventory, and keep tping them to the player who last hit them on move event and vanish that player who is watching the kill cam from all players. Then once the kill cam is over, it sets their health to 0 and they get a respawn screen and runs a for loop for all players to see the player again. This would probably cause a lot of lag though, not too sure. I can code this easily.
    mattrick16 CaptainWalrus
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    I didn't say it was impossible, just the press X to respawn is impossible.
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    You could also replace the spectators inventory with the actual inventory of the killer... to give the effect that the spectator is actually viewing the player.
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    Yah but if it is a COD Server they won't have much items in inventory :p. I could also use the enderdragon bar to put the player they are spectating's name. Ok I will make this! The pressing X to respawn is impossible though so that will not be implemented! maxben34 mattrick16 izzko
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    Alrighty. Yep the X thing is impossible :p. Good luck.
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    Thanks! :) ;)
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    As timtower has stated, we've had this discussion before. Not even a week or two ago, actually. A quick search should bring it up in the first page of results.

    A killcam requires recording of all entity's movement and interactions AND recording the playing field. This is possible, but at a high cost of CPU/RAM usage and most likely will result in lots of lag causing out of sync fighting

    If the playing field is interactive (blocks can be placed/destroyed) then it gets even more complex because you have to store all that data as well.

    Once a player dies, you would have to cancel that so they wont get the respawn screen and instead teleport them to a remote area (must be same world or you will get a loading screen) and rebuild the playing field on the fly. Then populate it with all the entities as NPCs, except for the player that killed you. You will be an NPC so you can see yourself, essentially, and the last 10 seconds or whatever you set would have to be replayed in real time around the player using the player's POV as the killer's POV.

    This is a MASSIVE amount of data, and because of the limitations of CPU/RAM and network latency issues, this is IMPOSSIBLE to achieve without causing a TON of issues (like lag, out of sync fighting, etc etc).

    Now, with that said... There is an alternate method that is similar to this, but it is NOT a killcam. The alternate method would simply cancel your death, and you would be teleported to the person that killed you, then everything that person does the server would send packets to make you do that. So you get the feeling that you are seeing what your killer is seeing. However, it is NOT a killcam as you will not see your death replayed this way. You will see a live feed of what the killer is doing AFTER your death.

    If you want more information on how to control a player's actions look into the source of the plugin called iControlU.
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    Alternate way is the way I would go as I would not record all the movements and things for a plugin request :p. Anyway I already said how I am making it for the OP ;). But Billy you smart! :p lol
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    Alright!But thanks for the help guys!:)

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