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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Ieatlego, Mar 29, 2012.

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    Hello, I've just updated to the RB-1.2.4 (#2126 to be exact)
    And I'm in the mood for a complete new setup of server plugins.

    I'm not quite sure what I'm suppose to get, I mean I want a safe server as well as a fun one.
    So I'd like some help with what you think is a "Must Have" plugin and why it would be.

    I'm usually running with the latest Essentials.
    But I'm quite lost in all the other fronts.

    What do I need?
    Stability and safety (I was actually planning on a Semi-PVP server of some sort)
    With that I mean, not a full on grief server, but the possibility should be there. Like if you're in a "war" with some other player or players you should be able to attack them and.. I don't know, burn their house? (along those lines)

    Added gameplay, I mean in form of mcMMO and down that line (I've added that already)

    I feel I need new, and fresh.

    So, Give me a list of what you consider to be a must have plugin and why
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    To start, switch from mcMMO to Heroes, you won't regret it. Here are some recommended plugins.

    • WorldEdit
    • WorldGuard
    • PermissionsEx
    • HeroChat
    • Heroes
    • Towny Advanced
    • Factions
    • LWC or Lockette
    • Essentials
    • PvPToggle
    Now, here's a breakdown for why you need them.
    WorldEdit - Great for building towns, or main cities. Will speed up the building process significantly.
    WorldGuard - Protection from griefers, and some building protection.
    PermissionsEx - General Permissions plugin, it's my favorite.
    HeroChat - Channel based chat system, with range, colors, etc. Pretty much everything you want from a chat plugin.
    Heroes - mcMMO, just better. Trust me on this one.
    Towny Advanced - Perhaps to set up specific towns that can't be "raided" as you mentioned it's a time of war.
    Factions - Two different sides if you're really going for a "war" concept.
    LWC/Lockette - Chest locking, door locking, etc. always nice to have.
    Essentials - Essential commands such as /home, /spawn, /tp etc.
    PvPToggle - Force PvP in certain zones, make it optional in others, or even non-existant.

    To expound upon my "safe town" concept, it wouldn't really be a town persay. I would set it up that each faction or "side" has their own capital city, and the capital city is a safe haven for your faction.

    Another idea is that players can burn your house and such, but after "x" amount of minutes, it will regenerate. People will quit quickly if everything they build is burnt and looted instantly.

    This plugin may interest you. It's a war-games type deal with CTF, TDM, and a few others.
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    Good list!
    I'm going to try it now.
    Lets hope it's compatible with the 1.2.4 RB

    I have a question.
    Which one would you say is the best between simple factions or factions?
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    I'd just go with Factions. All of those plugins should be compatible with the current RB.
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    I'm having minor issues with heroes, I have no idea on how to level up anything or change class.
    LWC wont really lock my doors and worldguard just renders issues at launch of it.
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    You need NoCheat, and BlacklistCheck. It prevents people who are potential griefers/hackers.
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    WorldGuard needs WorldEdit plugin in the plugins folder or in the root folder(where your server .jar is)
    Also download WG and WE 1.2 compatible versions from http://build.sk89q.com
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    Oh, how silly of me, I appear to have missed the WorldEdit when I added the plugins :p
    Thanks for the replies!

    Keep em' coming, makes me happy bear.
    But I'd still like to know how and why my Heroes is acting up.
    Could it be that the latest build supported is CB 1.1-R4?

    I also had another issue regarding the chatwindow.
    My friend joined on to test the server out and he couldn't chat until I gave him OP.

    Feel a bit lost in all these yml's, some hints?
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    Heroes is working fine for me. The problem may be the folder of .jar files that serve as Skills.
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