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    Hi, my name is Stroganoff01. I am a server owner, and I before I get my server started I need help with it. First, I need plugins, and staff. That's what i'm here for. My plugin request is partially simple but at the same time not. This plugin I would like to be called MusicMech. First, when you spawn in the world "hub" there will be music playing (this is what I want). It will be note block music. But, this will not be on the ground. It will be in the plugin. There will be an item you will have in your inv when you spawn. It will be a note block to toggle off and on the music. I would like for me to access what music I can put it.

    Oops, forgot. Please make it so that it is randomly given any music. RANDOMLY please! Thanks -Stroganoff01

    Please, I expect this plugin to be done as soon as possible!!!
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    So, you want an item in your inventory that toggles the music on and off?
    For the music, you want the Minecraft music that is chosen at random?
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    Yes, the item is a note block. When your in hub, it plays note block music randomly. I would not like the music be processed from minecraft but in the plugin it processes it to minecraft. I would like it so it is fully accessible for me to put any note block music in there! I would like the files of music to be MIDI or MP3. Thanks, stroganoff01

    megasaad44 Do you do plugins or do you just go on forums and correct things? Because I really would like you to help :)
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    StroganoffMC If i could code then all my problems would be solved. :/
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    Ah ok, that's nice. Still, I need more people to help. And maybe you could learn? I can't myself because i'm too American and I really am just busy into fixing up a server, website, and being an owner. :)
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    You should get a JukeboxLoop plugin which repeats the music in the hub.
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    No, as I said, I would like it random, and building all that note block music is pointless. That is why I am going to use Note block Studio to transfer songs into note block form, and play them from IN the plugin (remember make it randomizing). When transferring the MIDI note block music I would like the folder to be called "PutMusicHere" in the plugin config or database. I only think it's possible to play the music from 1 note block ingame. By typing a command or something? I dunno, go creative!

    Nevermind, bump, I found a plugin exactly like this

    It would still be great if I had a plugin being more specific!
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    What is that plugin called?
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    Also, how would you update NoteBlockAPI since it's not 1.7? It's 1.5.2, and i'd like it to be 1.7.2. or 1.6.4. Can someone tell me how to update it? It's a great plugin! And the owner has stopped updating it. It's still active, but I need it to 1.7!
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    You may not update it whatsoever until you get the authors permission I might ask him/her if yes I'll be glady to do it for you :)
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    Most plugins will still work even though they don't say the latest version.
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    Are you running CraftBukkit or Spigot?
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    AndyMcB1 Craftbukkit :) Slideroller I don't think you have to ask according to copyright, however, if you have to, please do for me :)
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    As one of the bukkit rules state you have to ask and I'll try to convince him.
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    Craftbukkit is not updated for 1.7.
    Also, this.
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    Garris0n I said i'd like it to be 1.7 or 1.6, or at least find a way to make it that
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Bukkit API will take care of that, and if not: reflection will do the trick.
    Will make this for you
    Config will show a list of worlds where the plugin is active, you will get a Jukebox with modified name and lore. Click it to change the state of music, lores will update based on that.
    Music folder will generate in plugin folder.

    If you have any errors: Please post the entire error log
    If it is not working how you want it to work: Tell me
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    Thanks so much tim! I shall use it :). Will it work for all craftbukkit versions?
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Should be, and if not: just let me know

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