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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by powback, Feb 8, 2011.

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    How can i set up a multiworld? i can't get it working
    Basicly i've done... nothing... but updated
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    I personly use the Essentials Plugin and all i had to do to set up multiworlds (nether) was update Essentails with the latest build and then restart your server then to switch between worlds use /world nether to go to the nether and /world normal to return to the standard world
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    You need a plugin to make it work. You can use Dinnerbone's simple plugin (posted in the comments of the multiworld thread) or use a number of other plugins that do it.
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    does multiworld only work with the nether? like i can't have 2 overworld maps on the same server?
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    Server Port also allows multiple worlds of any type :).
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    update 274+ ruins my plugins, so i'm using... 270 i think..?
    anyways, when i try to use that /goto plugin, i get disconnected.
    using /worldcreate returns a unknown command...
    Well, any ideas?
    Could you maby send your server-files to me?
    just to test if it works?
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    ah i just remembered my other question.

    can each world have different plugins? like is there a way to have one world be survival (vanilla) and the other be more creative (that allows /item)?
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    for that you would run 2 or more servers (different ports) and use a server warp plugin (i can't think of the name offhand). basically lets you warp between servers.
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    Do you have a wiki for that? I'm pretty lost setting that up, and I know its all user error.
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    There is a wiki, but I haven't added multi-world info to it yet, should probably do it soon. There are still some bug fixes to be done.

    If you never had any other gates, then it should just be:

    place ServerPort.jar in plugin directory

    /serverport worldlist <worldname>
    /serverport worldlist <nethername>;nether

    /serverport loadworlds

    This will start load up the worlds. You can add more later.

    Once you have built (but not lit) a nether gate, you have to place a sign with
    Line 1: <blank>
    Line 2: Gate.Name
    Line 3: World.Name
    Line 4: Blank

    If you click on the sign, it should create a gate that connects to the same location in the other world.

    You can also create point to point gates with

    Line 1: <blank>
    Line 2: Gate.Name
    Line 3: <blank>
    Line 4: <blank>

    You have to build both gates for that.
    --- merged: Feb 10, 2011 5:14 PM ---
    I have updated the wiki, but mostly the same info.
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    I appreciate that info. I was indeed doing it wrong. I guess I use the /pos command to jump into the nether, build the gate, then attach the sign?
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    No, it should work automatically. If you create it using

    Line 1: Blank
    Line 2: Gate.Name
    Line 3: Name of Target World
    Line 4: Blank

    You then hit the sign with your hand a few times to activate.
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