Multiple World Issues with 818+819

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by 6y7t8h, Jun 2, 2011.

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    Okay, on my server I have 2 worlds. World 1 and World 2. Normally if a player on world 1 dies, he respawns at the world 1 spawn. The same goes for World 2 except there's a world 2 spawn. However after 1.6, everyone is respawning to the default world in, regardless of their group. I am using Multiverse with the 'respawn to default' off, and I tried WorldWarp but it respawned me to the right coords but the wrong world.

    Anyone having similar issues?
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    I have the same issue with a similar setup, but I have worlds and a nether. Creating a portal in the non default world sends you to the default world's nether. People have said 819 resolves the issue but not for me. If it worked for you please help us :)
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    Im getting same issue. dying in any world re-spawns you in the world in server properties and all nether portals link to same nether but back brings you to default world. Also running build 819
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    only 2 people with this problem? :(
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    I have it to.
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    Our server also has this issue.
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    Anyone find a solution to this issue?
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    No such issues with 818,819,820.

    I run 9 worlds: World Hub (arrival) and leads to the 3 primary worlds for living . Everyone on death respawns to the world they are on when they die, no cross world respawning. You probably have some setting interfering with this on your server. What plugins are you running, and do you care to paste the settings you chose in the multiverse.yml.

    Here are my settings regarding respawn control:

    #True/False - Whether MultiVerse should handle all respawns on every World including the Default.
    #Disable this if you have a form of Respawn Teleportation plugin.
    globalrespawn: true
    #True/False - Whether MultiVerse should handle all respawns on the MultiVerse Worlds.
    #If 'globalrespawn:true' then this will have no effect.
    alternaterespawn: true
    Also, i strongly recommend using irc. The network: Channel: #multiverse. Post your problem and then wait and you will eventually get an answer. Albeit a lil bit time late.

    Good luck.
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    Thank you for the in-depth reply. I just got back from an exam and I shall try this promptly.
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    Having this problem too. Is it because of a specific plugin or what? I use Essentials and it did this to me on 818 as well as 820 (which I'm using now).

    I have tried EssentialsSpawn as well as MultiVerse for handling respawning, as well as BedRespawn, and all have had this problem.
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    Essentials has Home control as well. Check that out make sure it is not on or that Multiverse is set how you need.
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