Multiple Prefixed Chat Channels?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by sakura_blades, Oct 16, 2013.

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    I want to add Chat Channels to my server, but I need to be able to do so and keep the multiple prefixes for my players.

    [Channel] [StaffPrefix] [GameRankPrefix] [Playername]: [message]

    I see plenty of Chat plugins that create channels, and might even have their own prefix solution, but no where have I seen them be able to apply both Prefixes I need for some players.

    I already have both prefixes for my players, but it appears that my Simple Prefix plugin isn't compatible with these chat channel plugins because no Prefixes are showing up in chat.
    Instead I am getting:
    [Channel] [Playername]: [message]

    Simple Prefix handles it's own chat display, and I think this may be why.. But the Chat Channel plugins also do the same, and are over-riding anything Simple Prefix does.

    Someone told me that Group Manager + HeroChat + Essentials Chat will do what I want, but I can't see anywhere that Essentials Chat will put in both of my prefixes....

    Will someone please help me?
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