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    hello i have heard rumers that it is possible to make sdk gun mod online for a reguler server hoster the one noch makes. is this true? and is their some kind of way to activated the mod for bukkit? yes its been asked alotr but when i mean activated i mean the players will have to download the sdk mod so like i need the plugin and whoever wants to join needs the mod than it will allow them to enter, i think this way is possible but it would need time. im sure someone can do it this way, this way would i guess count as 2 plugins because it would need to check or ask the player if they have sdk gun mod, or if they dont they can join but they cant see or use the gun's it will look like the person has a normal empty hand if the person does the person will see a gun and have to turn around and run for their lives.... so is this possible is this out alrdy? is anyone working or planing to work on it? thanks :)
  2. i´ve heard about a bukkit modloader, but i cant find it in minecraft forums anymore ;D
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    There is a client mod called ModLoaderMP; it creates some sort of interface for allowing a lot more stuff on servers. Yes, SDK's Gun Mod does support this; check out the page for SDK's Gun Mod on the Minecraft Forum.

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