Multicore Support?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Eminam, Oct 19, 2011.

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    Bukkit isn't the only server mod, Notch can't do favoritism. And if they did let Bukkit handle it, somehow they'd have to pay Bukkit.
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    It also really isn't as easy as it sounds.
    Proper multi-threaded code is hard and much more annoying to debug.
    With the way the mc server works now, it would take some significant restructuring and redesigning of the code.
    This is very far from trivial.

    Finally, it would involve many non-backwards compatible changes to Bukkit itself, thus breaking all plugins.
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    LOL. I've heard of others (hMod, zMod, one written in C#) but isn't Bukkit the dominant one by about 99% of modded servers? And doesn't Mojang already share the source code with Bukkit? I think this would make life a lot easier for everyone, from the Bukkit team to plugin devs to server owners to players... :p
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    So..... its going to be a few more weeks before the rest of us get these updates?
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    This thread can't be real.
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