Multi-World Creation

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    Plugin category: Teleportation

    Suggested name: Multi-World Creation

    What I want: My players spawn into a hub right now. I want to make it so they can do something like
    /world create [world name] [password]
    Once they do this it will teleport them into a new world.
    After this happens I want to let their friends be able to type /world join [world name] [password]
    Other commands I would like
    /world delete [world name] [password]
    The other thing is if the person gets the password wrong it would say
    Sorry! The Password Was Incorrect!
    I do realise that this will take up lots of RAM and space but the server I am loading it on has 16gbs of RAM and a 4TB hard drive so I think I am good.
    If anyone can make this plugin please let me know.

    Ideas for commands:
    /world create [world name] [password]
    /world join [world name] [password]
    /world delete [world name] [password]

    Ideas for permissions: world.create uses the /world create
    world.join allows them to join
    /world delete [world name] [password] It allows them to delete THERE OWN world
    When I'd like it by: Anytime
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    With those specs, it seems like you're self-hosting, but if you are just because you hava 16GB doesn't mean it will use all 16.
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    idontcare1025 correct I am using a TS140 Tower Server from Lenovo.

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