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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by kfirsad, Sep 2, 2016.

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    Hello! i am working on a server, and searching for 2 plugins:

    1. a plugin that let my show to the players a clip, from YouTube or mp4. or, web browser in minecraft which will let me show a YouTube video. npc that can parkour or jump, if there is such a thing...

  2. 1. No possible
    2. I'm sure it's possible but not easy to do.
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    1. Was possible (maybe still is). You should've seen Verizon's project. It was truly amazing.
    2. Possible. But it could only parkour/jump to a block with 1 distance.

    The project:
    "Boxel-client is a client library for Boxel.

    Boxel-client allows your Minecraft plugin to connect to a Boxel server and draw boxelized images to an in-game screen made of blocks.

    What does it do?
    As described above, Boxel-client transforms data from your Boxel server into blocks so they can be built on a minecraft server.

    It handles video (at 20FPS) and websites -- you can use these basic tools to build things like the video call and web browser from our demos.

    Voice, calling, ringtones and other features from the demos here are left as an exercise for the user.

    (We used Websockets, WebRTC, and Redis PUB/SUB to add those capabilities)"

    Unfortunately, they discontinued the project :(
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    They are both definitely possible.

    The first one I've actually done myself and gotten a fully working YouTube streamer (actually can stream any video file that avcodec supported). Only down side was that since I was using maps, I was limited to that map color set. On top of color limitation, you had to stream the map at around 10fps to avoid the client from lagging too hard. The final, and most important problem, was failures. Should the stream fail or an error occurs, it brings down the servers with a nice little SEGFAULT (usually). Sadly, I've lost all progress on the project and lost all motivation (ow, college). If you really want it to happen, you can dig around my dev.bukkit profile to find what I'm talking about. I'm being vague on purpose because you, surely, don't want to lag out your players, crash your server, or deal with how complicated it was to setup.

    The second one requires a LOT of work, but it can be done. I have not written AI that complicated (and hopefully I don't have to :p). It's definitely humanely possible, but I'd say to change whatever requires this feature to... you know, not require that feature.
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