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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Valgor, Oct 30, 2011.

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    Movecraft is now marked as inactive, Is it possible/ Are we allowed to "take over" the project? I do not want to see this plugin die, it is just way too good.

    If we are allowed to "take it over" then I am more than willing to help out with whatever I can. Unfortunately I cannot code, but I am sure I can help with anything else (testing, "managing", fiddling, creating, etc).

    Would anyone else be interested?

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    i would like to see this plugin stay alive as well but im no good at coding
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    It's horrible, lags the server a lot :p
    Might recreate it at some point, but probably not :/
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    Doesn't lag my server... Also I was thinking that maybe we could use the power of spout to move the blocks client side to reduce lag. Just a thought.

    Anyways, I hope someone wants to help :p
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    Awww.... Are there really no coders interested in reviving this?
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    You would be my freakin hero if you would revive this :D
    I am willing to help with Anything, but as previously stated I have no coding skill, just server admining, and other geek knowledge/ experience.
    PM me if you want to try and revive this, and be sure to ask if you need my help with anything.

    Also, Spout? or Spoutcraft? You said Spoutcraft earlier I think... And it would make more sense.
    Anyways, let me know.
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    I (and my users) would greatly appreciate someone continuing development on Movecraft as it's one of most popular plugins on the server ever since hMod. Also, if someone does, please continue work on the API as plugins such as Armaggeddon successfully use it.
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    Thanks for your support for the "Revive Movecraft Movement" (probably a dumb name for it but oh well :p). Right now, the biggest thing is to "spread the word" as not many java coders have come forward yet. So please let others know, and direct them to this thread.
    Thanks, again, hopefully soon we can assemble a crack team of java coders that want this plugin back as much as we do XD
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    There are many things you could have done to make movecraft run smoothly, such as changing the speed. I really want this plugin to be revived.
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    Also, with the future SpoutCraftAPI, we should be able to create our own entities for multiplayer, like new vehicles. Soooonnn
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    That's true, maybe like the plane mode.
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    Just posted a new Thread guys. Check it out.

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