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    Hi, run 2 servers, my main bigger server and a small hungergames kinda extension server, i will have like a server hub where you can go thorugh a portal to the hungergames server (bungeecord will be used) and another portal which will take you to the main server, it will teleport you to another world, because the server hub server is the main server just in another world i use multiverse. So i wanted to have a sign beside my hungergames portal showing the MOTD of the hungergames server. Because it says "Game will start in 3 minutes" for example, so people could see that, so people can see how much time it is left till a game start, and the sign need to update.

    So, is there already a plugin that can display a MOTD of another server on a sign that is updating or do i need to ask kindly to some kind soul out there to help me code one?
    Help is highly appreciated have a nice continued day :)
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    I would like to bump this posting, as I am also looking for such a plugin.
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    Please use this format for a developer to take interest.

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    Hey, I've solved it already use this plugin "TeleportSigns" and bungeesuite, I use spigot and bungeecord the obviously.

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