Most people don't want to make this kind of plugin i see

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  1. Blacklist items---if items are placed auto-deops
    Compatibility with Regenblock plugin or protection stones plugin so if blacklisted items are placed in a regeon block or Pstone area, then it deops, otherwise it won't if its just their own area. (Or some other way to let them place lava or water in their own area, just not my area. I use protection stones.
    And that's it.

    No more wall of text :)
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    Okay, on a serious note...
    You're better off just making a PermissionsEx group that doesn't have access to the WorldGuard region of the spawn. Opping players is literally the worst you can do.
  3. Sometiems i just need someone to help me in spawn... if i do permissionEX they still won't be able to help me and i have to do it all myself. Like creating a shop with 300 items!!!! Come on. Its nice to have a few people to help me set this up. But i can't watch them 24/7. Is this so much to ask? I use protection stones in my spawn. So if i don't op someone they can't hlep me with nothing. So i have to do it all myself and some projects are very big and it would just be so helpful to be able to get some help from someone. Why doesn't anyone care about me being safe on my server? So basically people are saying this: "You can't get help on your server, you have to do it all yourself. Stop being lazy and set up those 300 items in the shop all by your self... you get no help at all." because the world is just a dangerous place right?

    Basically rtainc, you missed the whole point of why i was asking for a plugin like this in the first place.
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    So either they build it somewhere else and you copy-paste it in, or you learn how to use worldguard, and set up another region in spawn that they can build in.
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  5. You seem to think you have all the answers, but nope. That don't solve it. Can't copy and paste something like a mine cart ride that lasts for 30 minutes... i have that. I had to op someone so they could place glass on both sides of the track. That goes everywhere. Basically i'd have to copy my whole area. Which is about 100000000 blocks all around... So i should copy something that huge? No server in the world has enough memory to cram that to be copied and pasted. Also world guard don't allow you to overwrite regions... i think people are just lazy. I'm sure eventually someone will see this and agree that it is a good idea. But first i got to get through all the know-it-alls.

    And don't forget when you copy and paste something with world edit, it overwrites where its pasted--so you are also suggesting I overwrite some areas (things that i myself built) in my spawn just so i can paste something that someone else made?

    Posting this plugin idea is like owning a server. I want good members, and trustworthy ops, but first I got to get through all the Jerks that are logging on my server spamming it and breaking rules... slowly though people get on who actually give a crap.

    One last thing, did you know if you copy and paste a command block with world edit, it don't copy the command also. So for 300 command blocks, i'd have to go through and re-put all the commands for each command block...
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    You can copy-paste big things, the server will just be down for a bit. I highly doubt you have an area about 100m big, you'd be way outside the max playable area of minecraft, but regardless, you probably could copy it, as long as you had enough disk space.

    Worldguard does, in fact, allow overlapping regions, I have seen it done, and I have done it myself, I suggest you go rtfm.

    And if you want something built in your spawn, it's kind of implied that you'd know how big the area would be, and that you'd be able to make sure that what they're building fits in that area.
  7. Well i don't know. Its like all of these suggestions you are making are good ones... i guess. But don't you think i've tried stuff like this before? This server has been up for 2 years. I think i pretty much tried everything within those 2 years. Yeah the ideas kind of worked, but there was always a problem to it. Or it'd complicate something. So after 2 years of trying to work around it i've come to conclude that the only solution is to use a plugin. So right now i'm only interested in someone saying "Yes" to this idea. If you don't want to make it then fine. I don't care. But i know there has to be someone out there in this big world that would see this as a good idea. I suppose we should only have anti-griefing plugins for normal players then? Yeah that makes a lot of sense. What about the developers who made i think its called safe-op? Even that developer admits that he wants owners to be safe on their servers. So I guess I'm just waiting for someone like him to see this post. Not open to ideas other than "Yes I will make that plugin" Sorry.

    And basically, so far, i'm being told to just work around it... and quite frankly i'm sick of trying to work around it anymore.
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    classicgamelover85, the point hontss is trying to make, is that it's much more safe to just copy and paste it in (esp. queued WorldEdit,) than to make a whole plugin for such a non-essential function. If you really do need it, I could probably make it, but I'm not even sure if I'm allowed to post plugins on the forums.

    Edit: Hontss will explain this a lot more in a sec.
  9. I understand. But if you could just make a plugin that simply auto-deops soemone who places a blacklisted item--i dont' see that as much code to have to input. See if you at least did this, then i could use regenblock along side it. Then my problem would be solved. Cuz not even ops can place or break blocks in a region with regenblock look it up. And i tried it it works really well. Only thing is, regen block doesn't remove lava... or water. I'm mainly interested in auto-deoping someone who places lava or water. Mainly. And maybe in the future i could configure it to include TNT but regen block removes TNT if its placed.

    Maybe make it somewhat compatible with regenblock... so it only autodeops them if they place it in a regenblock region. That way if their working on their own build somewhere else then they can do this.
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    I'm not saying that server owners should have to worry about their servers, I'm saying that you're going about this in a totally backwards and incompetent manner.

    As any large server owner will agree, you never give anyone op - not even yourself. Op in general is a very insecure way of granting permissions, since it doesn't provide any mechanism for granting one specific person a specific ability, and since ops have the ability to give other people op (and before you say anything, having a plugin that prevents using /op as a player is a hack, not a fix, and no, being able to edit permissions in-game is just as bad). This was more important back in the days of the session-stealer, but it's still an important point now because people will always make human mistakes - someone will get their account stolen, or you will op the wrong person, or some other dumb thing will happen. Either way, it's important to make sure that you can just ban that account that's causing trouble without worrying about whether they opped anyone else.

    While on the topic of permissions, the wildcard permission should also never be given out - it gives the player the permission to edit permissions, which as mentioned earlier, is a bad thing.

    WorldGuard allows overlapping regions, and it supports having a player being able to build in one of those and not the other, and it has done this for at least some time. RTFM.

    and about this:
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  11. Well you guys have clearly proved your point. And i can see you are totally out of the idea of doing it. That's fine. Maybe someone else would be interested. So i'll wait for as long as it takes till someone sees this as a good idea. I had one guy interested, but he said he'd do it for 100 bucks. So...

    I talked to him on skype
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    classicgamelover85, I would pay $5 max for this plugin. I just don't have much free time on my hands at the moment.
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    I just noticed that you said you're using protection stones for spawn (which you really shouldn't, they're designed for players to use, use WG for spawn instead).
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    classicgamelover85 Could you put some enters in the wall of text or do you have a short version?
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  15. I can't find the PM button here. So how exactly do i PM you?
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    Click on his name and then "Start Conversation" I believe.
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    Don't PM me, that is my signature
  18. So are you interested? You'd be the first to make a plugin that does this.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Not interested, don't know how regenblock nor protection stones works
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    What is even going on in this thread? Between the random walls of text and bad grammar, I can barely comprehend what's being asked for...
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