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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Gunnerrrrr, Sep 23, 2012.

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    You have to run your server off of 5 plugins, with an exxpection of:
    - Worldguard/Worldedit
    - Essentials/command book
    - Permissions plugin
    - Anticheat/nocheat
    - World backup plugins

    which ones do you choose?

    I have 63 plugins, so for me this would be hard.

    - Multiverse - My server lives off its many worlds
    - AdvancedInventoryManger - A custom plugin for separate world inventories
    - Factions - If i remove it 90% of my members are gone.
    - iSafe - Vital for my server protection
    - Lockette - No griefs = no rage
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    Most of these are plugins I class as "Admin" plugins:
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    LagMeter is in essentials, by typing /gc
    Essentials also logs IP's, but not alt accounts
    and worldguard can remove entities with /remove, but only in a radius
    Lockette is better :3

    But if you had to limit your plugins, i would take the less advance path and try to get more "fun" plugins.
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    I do not use essentials. I prefer single purpose plugins over one plugin that does everything.
    TheCleaner does it automatically. No manual intervention required. It has many other features as well that WorldGuard does not have.

    I prefer LWC. It is better in my opinion as I can lock anything I wish. Your opinion may be different.
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    Why is that?

    Not trying to put you down but essentials is the #1 plugin I would use if i was hosting a server for just me and my friends.

    It just has many small things like instead of having to type /tpa playername you can just type /tpa pla
    I could go on forever, but if you haven't tried it I would strongly recommend it.

    But i do use alternative plugins for some things, such as the economy, chat, permissions, death messages, and general anti griefing,

    Not trying to say you don't know what your talking about, just wondering...
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    It has many features I do not need, will not be able to use, and may get in the way if I did not take the time to remove those features. It may be an appropriate plugin for you and your server(s), but not for me.

    I do not give out teleporting to my players. Thus your example would be one of the things I would need to remove.
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    It does this for all commands :p
    every other command

    But your logic is understandable.
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    I see no reason to change some of those commands. Especially not running a plugin like Essentials just to modify them. Nothing against essentials, but it has no place on my server.
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    I'm actually considering converting. I can get all of the features from CommandsEx/other plugins, and if I need anything else... Well, I do know how to now. :3

    I'm curious, what do you use for most the "Essentials"-like functions?
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    all that commandsEX/commandbook do is open up the plugin.yml for you. not exactly "configuring" the plugin.
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    You will have to be more specific on what functions. For example, for more teleporting commands (used by mods/admins) I use TeleportSuite. For chat, I use ChatSuite.
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    You don't use WorldGuard!? :O

    And I prefer LWC too. I'm unaware of all of Lockette's features, but personally I don't want an ugly sign on my chests/doors.
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