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    I was wondering if there is a plugin that has enchantments kind of like how TooManyItems has the enchanting choice. I am looking for enchantments:

    *Efficiency 7

    And be able to put that with other enchantments on a DiamondSword and be able to mine melons with it. I would like the efficiency 7 to be able to be given by a command and I would like the Efficiency 7 to be even faster than breaking in creative mode. Not to fast and not too slow! Maybe add a config where you can change the speed of it, 1-10, 5+ being above creative breaking speed. Thank you!
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    No offense, but this plugin is really not necessary. Use something like... err... VariableTriggers... or something. That will give you functionality of this type without the hassle of another plugin :D
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    PixalNinja spoony_loony Thanks for the ideas, but I don't think that is the thing I need. I just need this plugin to add the enchantment Efficiency 7 with configurable speeds.
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    pilot3101 Essentials has an option for this in their configuration file.
    Give players who you want to be able to do those enchantment this permission: essentials.enchantments.allowunsafe
    And set
    unsafe-enchantments: false
    unsafe-enchantments: true
    in the config.yml
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    Thank you!! Filled!!
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    pilot3101 yw, also pls edit the tag of this thread to FILLED so people know its filled ;)
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