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Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by matejdro, Oct 27, 2012.

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    BukkitDev in current form is seriously lacking some better e-mail notification options. Currently you have 3 options, but if you select any of them, it will send email for everything that is happening in that plugin, not just your stuff. For example if you create a ticket, you only have an option to receive e-mails for all tickets from everyone or none of it. So:

    1. Add mail notification for page comments. When I edit pages I usually see a bunch of comments on the bottom of the page that I never knew about because I don't get emails.

    2. Add per-ticket email notification. So when someone makes a ticket, he gets an e-mail when I reply to it. Like here on the forums. A lot of tickets are made and then never touched again after I reply. Partial reason might be that creators don't know I even replied to the ticket.

    3. Same as above, but for comments on main page. If I or someone else replies to their comments, they should get e-mail notification.
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    Yep, it definitely is annoying. But ah well...
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    Better notifications is on the list of things we want to see.
  4. Also it would be nice with an option to receive emails on when a plugin gets updated. Constantly having to check bukkitdev and go trough all your plugins and see if they are updated is getting really annoying and boring.
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    This is already possible. There's a Suscriptions tab on each plugin -- When you subscribe to file updates, you'll be emailed when the author uploads a new release.
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    You can subscribe to a plugins file uploads, then you'll get emails when it uploads a file. The only problem is that you get the email before the file is approved, so you can't actually download it yet :p

    EDIT: He keeps doing that !
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    I wish it was an option for PM me when file is approved and so on instead of email...
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    On the topic of email notifications - just wondering if I'm missing a setting somewhere as I don't get any notifications from:
    * BukkitDev project forums
    * PM's
    * BukkitDev polls

    Also, I'd really like to turn off notifications from my own BukkitDev comment posts as I often think someone may have responded to my comment but checking my email shows it was just my post.
  10. I'd love to see a similar alert system on BukkitDev as we have on these forums right now. If it showed you an alert when a comment was posted etc just to make you aware. Because currently I have emails turned of, as like you said it sends them for everything which I don't like so I just have to manually check everything each day.
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    Oddly enough just after I posted this I've noticed I'm not getting notifications for comments to my OtherDrops project anymore - double-checked my subscription settings for the project and checked my spam folder too.
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