More blocks in Multiplayer?

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    Question to whoever comes and knows the answer: To mod the Multiplayer files, so that they recognize the client files (class files), is this the right path, where to edit the class files: craftbukkit-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT(3).jar\net\minecraft\server ? At least from the files in there, looks very similar to the minecraft\net\minecraft\src folder :)

    Asking this, because I read about the reasons why Wild Grass didn't work:
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    Wow! You actually did it! Looks awesome! does the lantern actually provide light? What if someone connects if they dont have the client mod atm?
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    Yes, it does illuminate light like a normal torch and even better, its equivalent to light stone block. If someone connects without the client mod, client will probably crash on new (different) content, I think :)
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    Whereas I love the idea of extra blocks, I don't think there's a good way to implement it that's friendly to everyone. With any current method, it would require a client mod meaning anyone who joined your server would require that mod or they wouldn't be able to play. Now with that said, I'm sure that's not a problem to some people, but I still think with that kind of restriction, you're going to have a lot of problems making that sort of thing mainstream.

    One thing to consider would be to have client mod just act as an arbitrary additional block mod of sorts. When the client connects to the server, it would ideally receive a list of blocks used by the server and then the detailed information about them. That way you could distribute individual pieces of the mod (ie. different optional block types) and then a universal client mod designed to accept any of those (as deemed by whatever the server tells it).

    Probably the biggest setback in my opinion would be the total dependence of an entire world on that one plugin. Once you start to mess with the way stuff is saved, the entire server's existence depends entirely on whether or not you can keep updating the plugin. Too much risk involved for me.
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    Well, I like World Edit, without which I don't know, what I would do on my server now, and well for me these extra blocks will be really something once finished, and I already am advertising the changes etc at my gaming website, so players will be informed, also the server side registration will be enabled on our server (if everything will be fine, maybe even with MySQL, so that people on the web will be able to sign up for their accounts.

    P.S. The Latern can be placed even on glass and Aluminium Window on top of them, on sides and on ceiling made from glass, which is definitely an advantage to torches. I will play around with the client, what happens if it doesn't have the mod (The game supports block IDs up to 127 and Item IDs enough of not bothering, the problem will be, if I manage to get the item IDs like in the mod, where you will be able to define up to 255 ID of blocks, then the Vanilla clients probably will crash if joined, that I am certain, but if you look at those several hundred Private servers out there for many, many games out there, it wouldn't be a big deal and the game doesn't weight that much, especially not a silly small client patch, that with a nice tutorial would do the trick.

    Biggest problems are for people with Windows 7 and others, that can't get Java to work, now that's a problem, not this (in my opinion)
    --- merged: Jan 31, 2011 2:15 AM ---
    Hahahaa! I managed to get into the game 2 new extra doors! One is going to be an obsidian High Tech Door, the other one probably a glass version (Haven't decided yet), you can check the original post for images :)

    And I have been thinking about learning how Notch implemented the cloths, which uses only one Block ID, but has like 15 versions of it, each uses its own texture, I am thinking about using this method to make even more blocks available in the game, for instance crates, floors, walls etc, if they are the same material. It uses the damage value to store the image data, I would say that is very cleaver and economical, definitely worth a shot...

    EDIT: SUCCESS!! Added in the game a multiblock, that has 15 different faces, just the same as cloth, has the strength of rock/stone!

    All I now need is to figure out somehow of making the extra blocks read from different texture image, so that I would have more space for the blocks :)
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    Im really looking forward to this. I play with a small amount of friends and I have really been wanting a way to add new things. will there a way for me to add things of my own once this is complete?
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    You will be able to edit the textures of the items, but not really, its quite err Hardcoded inside, since the game is not very open to modding, I am editing the game files themselves and I am adding extra items on top of the vanilla items. If you wish for me to add some extra items, do ask, don't be shy :D and well now after I learned how Notch added the Color Cloths by using only one block ID and having like 16 items in game, the only limit I see here now is the size of the terrain.png texture grid, which for me is getting very small :)
    --- merged: Jan 31, 2011 9:02 AM ---
    The new planned terrain layout may look very close to this one, since I had to reorganize the tiles, so that it fits in 3 multiblock categories, which are Metal (Iron), Wood, Rock (Stone), blocks in those columns will have the same properties, but will look differently, which means extra blocks with less IDs to use:


    And I am thinking about adding some metal and stone blocks, that are SCI-FI oriented, so that those space fans out there would be able to build space ships, space bases, underground bunkers and other cool stuff :), and I will try to figure out a way, to make the drawer openable even if there is a block on top of it, which normally isn't possible with a chest :)
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    Really impressive work :)
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    Thanks, glad that someone appreciates this work in progress server/client mod, but for now that's nothing compared to the fun, when I will start to import this data to craftbukkit server files, now I am doing only the client side, once all the IDs are sorted out and everything used up, I will start working on merging it to the server, hopefully it will sync with the client.

    EDIT: I did manage to make the drawer accessible if you put blocks on top of it, which normally you can't, you can even put another drawer on top of it and stack them as high as you want, and you can access the inventories of each drawers, they don't stack togeather vertically, only horizontal by two as a normal chest and you need a space between. :)

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    Got support from Kaevator for his Slope plugin:

    He gave me the source files, so that I can implement sloped blocks in this mod as well, but it will take time, since each slope in his mod uses one item ID, either I will cut down some materials for slopes or think of something else :)
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    Great looking mod! I would love to see new blocks in my maps. One thing however, there is no such thing as aluminium ore or copper ore.

    It would be really great if you made it a bit more realistic by replacing aluminium ore by Bauxite ore ( You would just need to "cook" the bauxite ore to get aluminium ingots.

    You could also replace copper ore by tin ore and then make so that the player would need to put the bronze ore and tin ore in a workbench to have a copper & tin mix for example and then "cook" that to get copper ingot.
    B=Bronze ore - T=Tin ore - O= Workbench grid
    B T O
    O O O
    O O O

    Lastly, that is a small suggestion, I feel like it would make this mod even better and the way I explained, I think it does not take up more IDs for blocks or items.
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    That is a good suggestion and Yes I know, there is no aluminium or copper ore, wanted it to be more simple, but I like your idea and probably will change plans on those two components. The idea of Copper ore came from game called Fallen Earth, though there were no copper ore, was just Copper after mining Copper nodes. If you have any other interesting suggestion, please comment, I will think about each individually no matter how big or small will be the suggestion, because deciding what will be nice to have in the game and what not is rather hard decision to make for one man :)
    --- merged: Feb 8, 2011 8:48 AM ---
    This is a preview of the HD version of terrain.png in current development stage:
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    Great idea will there be a way that we can implant our own items?
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    In a way yes, you will be able to change the texture of blocks in terrain.png to 14 Iron type blocks, 14 Wood type blocks and 16 Stone type blocks, and if you will change the language files, so that they are shown with different names, then yes. Speaking about recipies, those will be kinda hardcoded inside the CraftingManager class, so that would require your own moddification.

    Once the mod will have its backbone ready server side, I will upload the mod and the source for the mod, in case you will want to change something yourself. Most of the mod will be hardoded inside minecraft.jar and craftbukkit (I will wait for a really stable version, so this mod is not going to come out in daylight pretty soon.

    To be honest I can't wait wen it will be done myself, since my private minecraft server won't open up, until I finish this one and add this to it :)
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    I have the same problem, I don't want to open my private server until I can add a few things to show my bosslyhood(?)
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    You definitely have my support. My players have no issue with using a modified client.

    The big problem is, though, once Minecraft updates, you're going to have to wait for Minecraft Coder Pack to update too.. and that's going to be a long wait.
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    That is the least of my concenrs, since the craftbukkit uses internal data of minecraft, it doesn't use minecraft_server.jar, which means that I'll have to release my own version of it, the same as the plugin for making portals to other servers.

    I am currently stuck at implementing in the game the sloped blocks, for what I have plans on adding slopes


    and upside down slopes:


    with 4 variations - 2 wooden roof slopes and 2 rock material type blocks, that will have schindel roof type texture (you will be able to change the sprite in terrain.png to whatever texture you like for them).

    Why it is a problem, well if I will use the basic data from what the mod author sent for me to work with, then it must use at least 8 different block IDs, 4 for up slope, 4 for down slope, and now I am trying to make it, so that 1 ID is 4 different blocks based on metadata (4 metadata values are used to store the block rotation, which means 16/4 =4) so my goal is to make it work by using only two item IDs for 8 different blocks :)
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    Well, what Notch does with wool is essentially use the durability entry that minepicks have to control which block it is. That shrinks the number of block ids needed down considerably. FancyPack uses this method, you could ask Vib Rib about it.
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    this is amazing.. i would love to play this in SP. im afraid not many people would use it in multiplayer, since the new stuff wont work with other plugins.. also, suggestion: oil liquid, slows you down, found in pockets underground, if touches lava or fire, burns for a min and disappears, flows to lowest point, like water, but unlike it, they dont spread by creating flow blocks, but simply moving there. can be taken in buckets, to fuel furnace, to use as light source, etc.

    also: new type of trees with new leaves, they grow near water on grass, leaves drop coco beans. put coco beans on crafting table to get coco dust, which is used as brown dye. put in crafting table milk and coco beans to get chocolate. put cake in craftingtable with 2 chocolates to get chocolate cake. put 9 chocolates in craftingtale to get chocolate block.
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    this client mod more is targeted for increasing architectural options in the game, so that other people can express themselves in more ways, why I am making this, well because there aren't such mods for multiplayer, so trying to make it myself without any previous knowledge about java and how it works, so making coco beans dropped and make trees grow on specific spots for me is rather difficult. There are mods, that enables option of changing what stuff blocks drop when they are destroyed, so with that option you could define the leaves with a drop percentage for coco beans ;)

    about liquids, well most part of the block mechanics are hardcoded inside the client and server, which means several extra class files to edit including the files, that handle what packets are sent to the server and thus that is beyond me ;)

    I did manage to make a chair block based from the stairs block, however when hold in hand the block didn't render itself properly, so I abandoned the furniture part, and well you can improvise by making a chair with stairs+2 signs, as well I have seen some improvising tables from fences and pressure plates (normally you can't place them ingame, so I will try to make it happen probably for improvised tables :D

    What I am thinking about now is adding obsidian armor to the mod and currency = gold, silver, bronze coins
    --- merged: Feb 11, 2011 12:04 AM ---
    Speaking of slopes, what I am currently thinking is about adding the following slopes (If I manage to figure out how the Metadata IDs work with rotation etc):
    Stone Brick
    2 Roof Variations of Wood
    2 Roof Variations of Stone

    In theory it can be squeezed into 9IDs, that will cover up, down and side slopes (alternativelly I can try to moddify the Stone, Cobblestone, Sandstone, Planks, Obsidian and any other already ingame used brick to act as a multiblock, with the following feature: Zero Metadata of ID is the default block, and the 1-4 blocks are the sloped up, 5-8 sloped down, 9-12 Sloped sideways... which would leave to making only the last two custom roof variation blocks, that will take up only 3 IDs spots.
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    This looks impressive, I'm looking forward for the client/version sync of this.
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    Thanks for considering my suggestions! I cannot wait for this to see how this mod turns out.
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    May i say I love you and i would donate if this comes out :D
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    It will come eventually, I am not rushing any alpha release of it, because I am reorganising the IDs and blocks, sorting them back and forth to figure out the maximum optimized version of it, because when it will be done, changing something may corrupt the save files of the servers with invalid or innapropriate block/item IDs... big responsibility, but I really want it done myself, so :)
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    I will make a hi resolution texture mode with it as well, but it will be 128x128, and I know about the texture pack you linked, it is smaller than 128x128 texture packs, but if you wish I might resize it to fit the HD version, though visually you wont see the difference.

    P.S. I actually tried to make a 256x256 texture pack (i know, it is very sick :D ), but it didn't work out very well, because the game isn't that great of dealing such proportions of image sizes :D
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    Any ETA yet ? :(
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    Ok sweet :D
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    Gesh, probably end of February till middle of March,

    Waiting now for Kaevator to send the source files of his patch, that adds corner slopes:

    --- merged: Feb 16, 2011 12:59 PM ---
    Have some good news! I have managed to figure out the metadata values for blocks and succeded in making the regular wooden stairs have 4 different versions, meaning that I used the metadata value to store 3 additional blocks, which means that instead of having one wooden stair block, i can now have 4 different versions of wooden stairs (each with its own texture), currently there are 2 bugs, that I am trying to sort out, it does't drop the item, what was placed and it doesn't render the 2-4 blocks in the inventory bar. (heck, the stairs blocks when destroyed by default dropped planks, at least it drops stairs for me :D

    Wooden Stairs have Block ID 53 and using this technique i now can make:
    Block 53:0 = Wooden stairs version 1
    Block 53:4 = Wooden stairs version 2
    Block 53:8 = Wooden stairs version 3
    Block 53:12 = Wooden stairs version 4
    Each with its own texture, no extra IDs :)

    Other meta values are reserved for each blocks rotation states, each direction requires 1 meta data values
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    this is getting epic

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