Monsters will raid your base at night

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    Me and friend had this idea because we felt like there is no threat to be killed in your own base.
    • In some night (random) monsters will attack your base
    • But only if you are in your base at the time
    • Not all the bases get attacked at once, maybe one base at a time
    • The monsters are inteligent
    • The monsters that are spawned have special abilities that shouldnt alter the vanilla monsters
    • These are just suggestions/ideas
      • Spiders can climb walls and place vines on the wall for other monsters
      • Enderman can remove blocks that they usually can't, they should place them somewhere near the base, so the blocks arent lost. If its a really tuff base to get into enderman could teleport into the base and create some kind of a portal for other monsters. The shouldnt be able to instantly create it and it should be destroyable.
      • Skeletors have grappling hooks and if its a skybase, they could shoot an arrow and there would be vines hanging from the base for other monsters to climb
      • Creepers that explode drop all the blocks that are destroyed
      • Zombies are fast and can build bridges and structures to get to the player
    • Idea is that they wont break into your base at the first attack, only if you dont repair the damage
    • They should only kill you but not your stuff

    Now I realise how difficult this would be to program. Its supposed to be in your base, so the code has to recognize what a base is and what not. This could be accomplished by looking for an area where the player spends a lot of time and which he regularly visits. This would also be an area which not many other people visit. One could also check for farms and clusters of chests and the sorts.
    Now the hard part would probably be the attack code, this would basically just have the goal of killing the player. It has to find a route and preferably a short one, then spawn the needed monsters and just attack the base. Now it would be cool if the plugin reacted to the actions of the player. If the player didnt repair the damage spawn more monsters next time, becauss its more likely to suceed. If the player is always improving his base then wait for a while till he doesnt expect it and spawn tons of monsters at once.

    Another idea I had, because the monsterspawning is very predictable. If its not possible to kill the player in his base, swarm him with monsters once he is out in the wild. Just randomly spawn around 10 monsters around him, that attack him from mutiple sides at once.

    I realise that this plugin won't be popular, because it doesnt really fit into the vanilla scheme. Also most players are just too big of a pussy and might quit very soon. This plugin is mostly intended for the fun of it. If you really like the idea and you can do AI and stuff like that, go ahead.

    The least you could do, is tell me what is possible of all my suggestions. Maybe propose a more lightweight solution that will still kind of work .
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    Holy s*** .....

    This idea is just awesome.
    But I dont think a plugin would be enough to let the whole thing come true.
    You would kind of have to create new types of monsters with those special abilities - is that even possible with plugins?
  3. Pretty much all of this would be possible (As far as i can tell) Exept the zombies building stuff and the skelle skybase thing, I don't get what you mean by they kill you but not your stuff though, I Would love to see this plugin made as i'm making a Realistic Fallout themed Rp server (i.e. Mobs are much harder to kill and do more damage, and physics to more blocks) And this would be a great addition!
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    Well I meant with they dont "kill your stuff", that they aren't there to "grief" your base, break your chests and stuff like that. They should try to kill the player, without causing him to loose lots of stuff.
  5. Ah I wish i was better at java so i could make some plugins, Minecraft is WAY to easy imo, even hardcoremode is easy :/
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    WOW your idea looks awesome! Sadly my knowledge of java and the bukkit api is not good enough to create this. I would love to see a plugin like this and good luck to the guy who makes this!
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    BUMP!!! Baby, this is genius. I am not smart enough in Java to do this, but jeezus, best idea ever
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    Bump, awesome idea! I think I could do SOME of the plugin, to start it off, with a GitHub fork better coders could do more!
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    Since opening this post I have become a bit better at bukkit plugins :). I could probably write the plugin now, but due to time constraints that will most likely only happen in half a year or so.

    You could definetely do that and I will contribute to it if the codebase is good. I actually wanted to write this as a module for MonsterApocalypse, but the author doesn't want to release the sourcecode and I only support open source projects ;).

    Also the plugin will rely on using lots of cb and I just hate reading stuff like Field.setAccessible(), getField() and all those hacks. So when writing this I would appreciate it if the cb logic is completely separated from the actual code. Or just choose an API for custom monsters, like RemoteEntities or something.

    Sent me the link to the github repo once you have something, I have a jenkins and maven repo we can use if we need that.

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