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    I really enjoyed monoport, I've looked around but it looks like all the teleport plugins require an obsidian portal rather than being able set some blocks on the ground as a trigger and have people teleport. I don't necessarily want the big blocky obvious "hey I'm a teleport" I want to make a maze that will teleport you to the beginning provided you make a wrong turn a portal that stood out would make it obvious.

    More or less a summary from Monoport:

    "Whilst I was waiting for Realms to get Monolith type portals up, I decided to
    create my own quick and nasty plugin to do it - Mono(lith) Port(als). Basically
    you set a destination somewhere (I suggest near another "Portal" Monolith
    structure), then go to the Portal and create a block that will transport you to
    the destination."
    Thanks for reading

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