Money Generated Through Bukkit Servers

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Malchus, Nov 25, 2011.

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    I would prefer to be like Legendarycraft with (supposedly) 14 grand sitting in the pot, but for the time being this'll have to do.

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    In about 2 weeks, I made 461.64 Eur. Precisely.
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    Again, insane, crazy, and ludicrous.
    I am yet again impressed.
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    40 players on my server, and $0.00 in donations. I frown in dismay.
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    What's the best way to grant people VIP status?
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    create a rank on your server called VIP, i use PermissionsEx
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    My players have donated around 570 euro until this date, which is a sum that I'm very happy with! :)
  8. To all you people out there who are receiving a lot of money in donations, you want to watch out for the legal issues with this - it could be classed as income and if you dont correctly handle tax, you will have a hefty tax bill through your door.
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    Yes that's a possibilty and it wouldn't be much fun to get that trough the door. Just had to take a quick look at the tax authoritys homepage here in sweden and it looks like I don't need to pay tax as long I don't make any profit on it which I don't so far. That feelt good. :)
  10. Ah ok. Just thought id point it out, its different rules in different countries.

    I know that the current tax-free allowence in England is currently £7,200. Anything over that then you are required to submit a tax return.
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    How many of those players are "Long Term" players?
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    Long term meaning they play constantly, maybe 30 something. Recently none, everybody's been busy with the holidays.

    Well not none, but like 10 actually have been playing for the past couple of days.

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    It's usually a good month or so before players start to donate, on average.
    It's all about incentive, make them want to donate. Perhaps restrict, but not to heavily.
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    I completely agree
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    Myself umm,

    I normally break even with my co-location costs of £120 - I have made £200 in one month which was very nice. But only went on server bills.

    I swear my life income only ever goes on ... Bills *sigh*
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    thats why I made an LLC and file taxes =D, even though I spend 1,000's on development/month.
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    I'm curious, do you rent or colocate? And what exactly do you mean by "I spend 1,000's on development/month."?
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    We colocate. We hire 3 developers and pay them weekly for their work.
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    I wish i could afford a 16Gb dedi.
    But i get $40/mo in donations so its 2GB server for me lol.
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    I snagged my dedi for under $40/mo :p.
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    I wish I could get that much donations.. I would definitely build my own server rather then rent. But most of my community is in the teen years so not many have jobs or such, and it's usually the older community that donates. (Though I have a lot of cool people that are mature / older).
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    Renting is better in most cases though :p

    I priced out a build today with a e3-1270, supermicro mid-tower case, 2x 1TB hdd, 1x OCX vertex SSD, 16GB RAM, etc, and it was around $1500 from Newegg. Colocation would be somewhere around $50-$100/month, so while there is savings, it doesn't make sense unless you want more RAM or something special that most budget providers can't offer.
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    I have 16GB RAM on my current server I'm renting. I think I should be getting more, but it's dependent upon the community for donations. I can barely keep myself afloat.

    I know some server owners which make excess of $20-25,000/year that don't even care about their communities...
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    Even by budget standards, Kimsufi is crap.

    Hetzner would be a better choice, since it's $132/month (+ $160 setup) for a i7-2600 + 16GB RAM + 2x 3TB 6gbps HDD + 1x 120GB SSD + 15TB @ 1gbps (5IPs). Very close to what I priced out on Newegg, except that it's a desktop CPU (with the same specs), non ECC RAM, and faster/bigger drives.

    Who are you with? How much are they costing you?

    Edit: OK, IOflood, what config are you using? Afaik they're among the cheaper US hosts with decent hardware.
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    Yes I use IOFlood currently. I am thinking about switching to find some better hardware (i7 2600k) soon, probably within this week.

    I have a few addons such as a 120GB SSD along with the default 500GB SATA, I use centos as most others do.
    Why are you asking?
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    Nah, I was going to see if I could find a better host for you. $190/month max?

    Have you thought about moving it to a overseas host? Hetzner can get you that for cheap (US customers don't pay VAT), but you'll see higher pings (although imho there's no reason for that to turn you off since the difference is around 100ms, which is nothing noticable for Minecraft). (Link:

    VolumeDrive might work well, but you'd need to contact them about SSD pricing, and they have a very mixed reputation on WHT. (Link:

    DataShack looks like they're within your price range also for i7-2600/16GB RAM/500GB HDD/128GB SSD. About $180, but it would be $150 if you bumped down to a 64GB SSD. (Link:

    Go browse the WHT offers section, they have some good deals in there.
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    I browse WHT almost daily :p

    I looked at DataShack but I am kind of curious about their company as a whole. I e-mailed them about abuse once on one of their servers (A hosting company) rooting my current server and putting a rootkit on it and they ignored my e-mail.
    It's bad when a company ignored an abuse e-mail about a server (A freaking hosting company) hacking others servers.

    I would go with DataShack if I wasn't suspicious about their customer service.. I would get the i7 2600K with 16GB RAM and a 128GB SSD (It's like $190??)

    I prefer hardware over price, if I know a deal I will take it. But the community partially runs my server, donations like most others. I run a successful server (In my eyes), so that's what matters.

    But I guess I'll keep looking.
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    I've heard quite a few good things about DataShack, but I've never rented from them.

    You're looking for USA server hosts only, right? If so, then yeah, it's hard to find something good priced here... Tell me if you find anything interesting.
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    Yes, USA only.. I used Hetzner when I was smaller, but it was horrid. Their support didn't offer much help and the server I had (i7) was fairly laggy (CPU), mobs would lag and physics were slow with 20 online).

    I will never go with overseas host again for Minecraft.

    I'll tell you if there is anything good :p
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