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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Doolittle2008, Jan 4, 2015.

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    I am looking for a simple plugin- its called Money for Kills or something.

    I know there are other plugins out there that give you money for kills, but what I'm looking for is this:

    Prevent players from killing their friends over and over for free money!

    The config:

    money gain per kill:
    percentage decrease per kill on same player:
    time of not killing that player before percentage reset:
    amount of kills before percentage decrease begins (this is getting complicated, but its a nice idea)

    Pretty much the more you kill a player in a certain amount of time, their value of money goes down by a percentage to prevent you from farming off one person (they may be afk, they may be your friend, no spawn camping, etc).

    However, not killing that player for a set amount of time resets them back to normal value.

    I just realized, Even easier, you could do this!:

    money per player kill:
    amount of kills on one player before no value:
    amount of time before reset:

    This makes things way less complicated. After killing a player a set amount of time, their worth nothing until the reset.
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