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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by dannylynncole, Dec 29, 2014.

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    Name : MonarchPixels

    Description - This plugin should add custom enchants to tools, such as cubed, fly, speed, haste and circles.

    Cubed: Mines more than one block in a cube. For instance, Cubed 1 will mine 1x1 square, Cubed 2 will mine a 2x2 square, Cubed 3 will mine a 3x3 square etc.

    Fly: Self explainatory really, just need to be able to fly when they are holding this pickaxe, or it is in thier inventory.

    Speed: Again, speed 1 is speed 1, speed 2 is speed 2 etc. but you can only enchant it one each time.

    Circles: This is like cubed, but it works with radius' instead. For example, Circles 1 mines Circle with radius 1, Circles 2 Mines radius 2 circle etc.

    Currency: I would like for this to also have its own currency, whether it be with the same plugin or a different one. I would like the currency to be called Pixels, and for them only to be accessable via a console command, so that they will only be gained through voting.

    Enchanting: I would like it so that you can add one enchant at a time using a sign. That sign would be customizable, like so:
    # Pixels

    great example of a similar plugin in use is on obsidian prisons (IP: if I have not explained very well.
    I hope that I have explained well enough.. if not please feel free to ask me any more questions.
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