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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by john01dav, Feb 2, 2014.

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    Hello all, since Mojang likes to go down sometimes I have decided that I would like to make a plugin that will help when this happens. Here is how it works. When a player joins, it records their ip address. Every few minutes it checks if Mojang is online and stores this, If mojang is offline it sets the server online mode to false, and then only allows players to join if their ip address matches the ip saved before, new players are not allowed to join. Later, when mojang comes back up, online mode is restored, and the ip auth deactivated. I can do most of this except changing the server to online mode and offline mode (no getServer().setOnlineMode()).
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    online mode is set in the And afaik the only way to change the setting in there and have it "recognized" by the server is via a full restart
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    It's possible, as I've done it before, I'll share the code later, since I'm not home ATM.
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    Bright idea, in my honest opinion.

    But I think L33m4n123 is correct that you can't change the property without a restart.
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    I really don't see why permission is needed, if anyone did anything bad with this and attempted to post it on bukkitdev, then it would be denied. If they post it somewhere else, then I do not see how it is bukkit's (or your) responsibility. Of course, I am not a mod so I cannot grant the permission you are asking for, but I really see no need for it.
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    Locked. We do not support setting offline mode. You'll need to figure this out for yourself.
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