Mojang and the Bukkit Project

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    Why not? As far as I know the server doesn't contain any third party components that would also have to be opened/released, and the client can keep being closed source. Mojang, as the creator of the game, can do what they want with their code, so it doesn't matter if the client contains parts of the server code. Just dual-license it, with a do-whatever-you-want license for themselves only.

    But in the end, I don't think it's important if it's GPL or not. Just that it is FOSS.
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    I haven't really posted much on the forums or anything, but reading all of this is infuriating.

    How in the world can people be defending Mojang here? After the work the Bukkit team has done to help keep their game relevant in the online gaming scene, you would think that they would take the time to either seriously help the team out on a regular basis or even throw them some cash for doing so. Instead they wanted a team of people to sit there and do their job all while giving little to nothing in return.

    Between this and the EULA I find myself becoming more and more disappointed in Mojang every day, and as a server owner it feels like Minecraft is spiraling downward, which is sad because a lot of my players were very excited for 1.8 on the server. Hopefully everything can be put in order and things can be figured out, I have a lot of faith in Sponge. Mojang isn't going to change though unless there is some sort of serious backlash or somebody comes to their senses. I just hope that things go up from here.
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    What is your problem with me? You are not even answering the question I asked you and are going of on things I NEVER asked or even talked about. Geeze are you high or something?
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    Read through about 5 pages and stopped... Basically, Mojang bought bukkit but kept silent, bukkit decides to stop because of the new EULA, Mojang steps up and claims bukkit is theirs, and now no one knows the status of CB 1.8. I'm also a server owner and I think Mojang is just killing their own profits.
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    Good question, I think the answer lies in there lack of sympathy or respect for what they got handed to them for free.. pretty disgusting. And exploitative of Mojang who have just ridden on this success without so much as giving diddly <cursed kindergarten censorship> back.
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    Okay, next question... and hopefully I can get a comprehensive logical answer to this. (please no personal or emo comments)
    When did pay to play Minecraft servers start becoming popular?

    EDIT: or pay to win...
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    i hope that 'weasel' gets sued for all hes got.
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    Mojang don't give a shit about the 100,000 servers out there now, you wont achieve nothing by this

    As much as my server relies on bukkit i support what the guys here are doing, its just depressing that the mc community is taking this path
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    That would have undermined the desire that "the community and the project [...] maintain its independence".

    And, of course, if Mojang was seen as playing favorites with one of the mod projects, there would have been a huge uproar as well. It was bad enough that they chose to hire people from only one project. If they were putting money into a single community project...

    The real question is, did the Bukkit team ask for help? And if they did, what was asked for?
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    If Mojang truly believes that this DMCA notice is faulty, they can send a counter-notice over to Wesley and get the CraftBukkit software back online for download. The CraftBukkit software does include proprietary obfuscated code from Mojang, and because of the way that Bukkit is GPL licensed, Mojang needs to distribute the source code to their Minecraft Server otherwise DinnerBone's hopes of updating Craftbukkit to 1.8 are doomed.
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    How in the world can people be defending Mojang he​
    Another question then, what are the exact crime that Mojang is responsible for? So far I have suddenly enforcing their EULA and not supporting Bukkit. What else?
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    *facedesk* Didn't you already ask this yesterday? And the day before? And argue the response? Why ask if you don't want the answer!

    Legally, Mojang is in the right. Legally, Wolverness is in the right. Morally, they both have a lot to learn. If you can't see what those lessons are, I'm sorry.
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    Yeah, I asked the question before and I listed the responses I have gotten so far. I was wondering if there was any more. Egad you guys are overreacting.
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    Funny, I gave you the response you gave me, then you ask if I'm high.

    I think I'm done with you because either you are trolling or something....
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    The loss of Bukkit could lead to a devaluation of Minecraft, so it is possible that is why Mojang was so fast to "prevent" EvilSeph from shutting it down. But the Bukkit team themselves probably had no clue about the deal.
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    Or maybe they did, they all did. They all came together in a giant conspiracy to shutdown Bukkit before Mojang could sell to Microsoft(Who's vocabulary doesn't include 'open source'). It's a smart move, Microsoft has an unprecedented legal team compared to Mojang, so it's better to DMCA now than later. Of course this is all, but a theory...​
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    I was hoping someone could counter my counter points, but so far no one has been able to sway me from my position even a little bit. Every reply I have had is emotional without any logical points of a debate. I have put a lot of effort into researching this and reading both sides of the argument. I am still in the same place I was a few days ago. I keep asking questions because I still cannot understand what has led so many people to such rage over Mojang. Sure they have made mistakes, tell me a company who hasn't. But there is no reason you all should be beating them up over this.

    BOTH Evilseph and Mojang knew they were heading into a "legally gray area" when bukkit was set up. It was a time bomb ready to go off, but it was not Mojang that set it off. I am seeing an even bigger picture when I hear the complaints about Mojang "suddenly enforcing the EULA". Evilseph said in his post that it was a response to the sudden surge of "pay to win" Minecraft Servers. I know a lot of people out there that don't see a problem with that, but you are not down in the ditches watching what that type of environment does to kids. It creates "cyber bullies", the kids that are privileged whose parent's have money to burn. Nothing is more disheartening then having to explain to a child why he can't get anywhere in a game because he is being griefed by one of them. I would have done the exact same thing in Mojang's shoes. Its an exploitative system that causes many parents to be outraged. There are dozens of websites on that issue.

    I defend Mojang because there are so many people here that just want to hurt the company for what they have done. They don't deserve that one bit. People need to own up to the fact that it was both and no ones fault and realize that all this ranting and raging (including server shutdowns) isn't going to help.

    Give Mojang a break people.
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    I am certainly glad that we finally get to hear the other side of the story. Unfortunately there was some sort of lack of communication between the devs on both teams... which means I can only comment by saying:

    Interesting . . .

    EDIT: Also Props to vubui for creating an account for this post <insert thumbs up here>
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    Can we just let this die, lol.
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    If Microsoft buys Mojang like they're saying might happen in a week...

    lols gg m8
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    Who knows where it will go? Nobody.
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    I think there are more serious issues at hand to worry about here like children running around with swords/axes killing people which creates the next generation of violent criminals and possibly perpetrators of Columbine like events but with a sword.

    Also there is the possible permanent psychological trauma from see zombies and other unpleasant things, or even by being killed and falling to your death from that nice pink puffy wool build in the sky, stuff like this is bound to cause nightmares in children, maybe not in everyone but if we can save just one child it's worth it.

    I think myself Minecraft would be better without weapons, deaths and hostile mobs and remove night time, that is scary as hell.
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    Microsoft does do open source. Though not normally under the GPL. But they have done things like give up their patents and code for all intensive purposes for things like Opus codec and such. They are careful about what they give up though.
  26. I need an update on the time line...
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    Ok, I'm not all up on the legalese of software but this is what I am getting out of all of this confusion:
    Mojang purchased Bukkit 2 years ago.
    BukkitCraft - a Bukkit project - includes Minecraft Server which somehow violates some sort of license which as I pointed out above, was acquired by Mojang when it purchased Bukkit.

    Effectively meaning that Mojang violates itelf by including its software within its own product. Because as it's been said Mojang owns Bukkit and the Minecraft server. Am I getting this right?

    So Mojang can't include its server in its own Bukkit because it would be a violation to itself... And the Bukkit organization shuts down due to the lack of clarity within and action to resolve this situation... Caused by Mojang and its curious Bukkit.
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    I understood it like this: Because of Mojang violating itself the license of Wolvereness is vioated as well. But I could be wrong, it's just what i heard
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    At this point it doesn't matter who is at fault.. the end result is the entire bukkit staff quit and started a new project. Even if mojang owns it or dinnerbone codes it or if the community owns it it doesn't matter anymore, it's dead. Stop beating the horse people
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    With the revelation that Microsoft is looking at buying Mojang, it all makes sense now.

    In order for a deal like that to go through, Mojang would have to reconcile all its assets. Implicitly allowing your assets to be used outside your control (CraftBukkit) would complicate your claim on Copyright. I now believe that Wolfe/Wolvereness was paid to issue the DMCA takedown so that the deal could progress. Use of the DMCA is clever because generally the GPL is safe as a license for keeping source code open, always. The DMCA takedown effectively allowed them to kill the open-source project and protect themselves in the future should any copyright claim be laid against their assets.

    I know there is a lot of hatred out there for Microsoft so please take what I'm about to say with a grain of salt. I don't think the deal would be that bad for Minecraft - but it does depend on what Microsoft chooses to do with it. I've worked for a Microsoft company before and so I can say with certainty that despite what people may think, Microsoft has good people working for them who will genuinely care for Minecraft. But despite this, Minecraft will always depend on the creative direction of the team that currently works on the game and if any major part of the team leaves or is shaken down, then the game's direction will suffer.

    Here are some points I'd like to make about this deal if it goes through:
    * Microsoft has shown increased cooperation with non-PC non-Windows software in recent years (especially on the web/cloud) but in the long run (2-3 years) Minecraft may not do so well on non-Microsoft platforms
    * Expect Minecraft to be killed on the PS3
    * Expect to at some time in the future join your Mojang ID with a Live ID and sign in with your Live ID
    * Expect a big push for Minecraft on XBox One
    * Microsoft would never allow a thing like Craftbukkit, Forge, Spigot, etc to exist. Expect Minecraft Realms to move to Azure and become the de-facto Minecraft server standard.
    * With the push to Azure and Live IDs, expect to see a Minecraft Multiplay ecosystem to exist like XBox Live or Steam
    * Generally Microsoft embraces its own technology and I'd expect to see Minecraft over time slowly migrate to C#/.NET
    * The core Mojang team must resist the temptation to leave the company after the deal - the future and creative direction of Minecraft depends on them
    * Microsoft MUST acknowledge the role that the mod community plays (especially the server community) by releasing the Plugin API.
    * Microsoft must acknowledge the SMP community and allow people to privately host their private servers outside of Azure
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