Mojang and the Bukkit Project

Discussion in 'Community News and Announcements' started by vubui, Sep 5, 2014.

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    Violetstar Being lazy? The project is open-source. If not enough people volunteer to help with the project, then who will do the work? Why didn't you volunteer?
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    Do note, those who had access to the repo lost it, too. That kinda made it hard.
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    Exactly, he's just ignorant and self righteous.

    You can't blame volunteers that are doing free work for not being up to your standards. That is like going to a soup kitchen and complaining about the quality of the meat in the soup.

    If he is so proficient at coding maybe he should of kept the project up-to-date like you implied, by the sounds it would of took him next to no time to get recommended builds out, or maybe he should/could started his own project.

    Yes I was aware of this and yet others try and say Mojang didn't try to take ownership of the code.
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    Wolvereness was bukkit dev and he send DMCA, so anything can happen.
    The way I see it, if its decided that Bukkit is not GPL compliant, then any dev can remove their code for whatever reason.

    1. If Bukkit staff is overworked, they can only blame themselves, nobody is forcing them to work.
    Edit: non-paid staff that is.
    2. Ok.
    3. Why? It's still the same project, they were working for Mojangs benefit even if they didn't know it.
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    Maybe simple answers will aid you better:

    Yet it never happened.

    And they have a right to quit.

    Doesn't really matter that is their business.
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    indeed, it's ridiculous, how dare these novice programmers that have kept the multiplayer community going for all these years without expecting any compensation give up on this project?


    I don't think you understand how licensing works. Mojang could have prevented this in many ways, but as long as Minecraft keeps getting them money, they couldn't care less about what happens to Bukkit (which also explains why they are letting it die, they know that people are already working on an alternative)

    that would be way too easy, why would such a brilliant programmer worry about things like Bukkit? let the novice programmers do everything
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    So they just quit cause they didn't feel like working on Bukkit anymore and somehow this is Mojangs fault.
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    It's nothing to do with Mojang they are the heros, you can go back to sleep now.
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    It's sad that Minecraft has gone the way of cutting their own throat. If you REALLY want suggestions and you aren't just doing the obligatory "pretending to listen" so people think you care then here it goes.

    You are for whatever reason trying to take down the very thing that has made your game enjoyable since the day I bought it. MULTIPLAYER!! I refuse to pay for your less than convenient "Realms" servers to be limited and unable to use mods. We all as server owners have kept your game relevant and worth playing. Honestly Vanilla gets old quick, especially when you are playing by yourself. You have a product that is in my opinion easily the greatest sandbox type game EVER. Please don't get greedy and drive a knife through an awesome game. I can promise you that you will kill this game, especially in the PC market if you continue to take the server hosting out of the hands of the people that have been doing it, and doing it well for years. Good riddance MineCraft, it was a fun ride!!
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    Padeius Etoh

    Wow, ok, conspiracy realms much #tinfoilhatclub. This realms thing really has a lot of people worked up. If you don't want it don't buy it. If you are unclear on the facts of what is going on here with bukkit I will give you a quick update:

    1. The bukkit leadership and bukkit team decide they are just too tired to update to 1.8 cause it is hard work. So lets just shut down the development, its ok, we had a good run. GO TEAM Bukkit!
    2. Oh by the way folks we are afraid that mojang may start to enforce the EULA on us and cause us to have to shut down so lets just finish it first and shut down before mojang says anything to us about it.
    3. Mojang says, hey wait a minute, why are you shutting down this project that you don't really have the authority to shutdown. I will admit the way this was handled was not at all proper. Mojang blew it on the delivery, big time.
    4. Dinnerbone one of the original creators of bukkit says, I will do the update to 1.8 "personally".
    5. Evilseph is removed as team lead and demoted from admin. TNT decides to resign 20 hours after the original shutdown notice is given by evilseph.
    6. grum and dinnerbone [grum is also an original founder] take control of the github repos and the forums via curse. Once that was done they locked the github to prevent any tampering or sabotage.
    7. Wesley Wolfe[wolvereness] files a DMCA against bukkit, spigot and cauldron, which locks all the downloads of craftbukkit and the githubs of any craftbukkit and derivative works.
    8. Mogang responds by saying this sucks, we wish he would not have done this, we will have to try and figure out what to do about this. We will get back to you.
    9. Nearly the entire bukkit staff resigns in protest over something that they feel mojang has done to them and to the bukkit project, or is it what mojang has not done for them and the project, oh it could actually be both of those statements. They each of course come up with their own reasons, I honestly did not read much of any of them so I will leave it at this.
    10. Curse staff has taken over the admin of the forums and more will be coming.

    Now based on this story which by the way is all factual, may not be actual quotes but it is all factual. How is mojang at fault? They may have been in artful, but how exactly did they cause any of this? It boggles my mind that folks say mojang is at fault. Mojang is not perfect, they make mistakes just like everyone can.

    Thanks for reading.
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    Except if anyone wanted to do that they could of done that first then announced they were leaving and that Bukkit is done. That wasn't the reason it was locked down ;)
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    Padeius Etoh

    Ok do tell, what was the reason it was locked down?
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    You tell me?
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    How the hell did you get tinfoil hat out of that? The actions I have seen Mojang take over the last 6 months look to me as though they want to shut down any 3rd party hosting and do it all in house. Minecraft is a sandbox game and should remain that way through everything. More than anything Mojang has made some awfully shady decisions over the last year or so. I still have the ability to ignore it all regardless, and until that is somehow taken away I will continue to host as I do. If they somehow find a way to stop it, I will just move on to the next "version" of Minecraft that has a different name and written in a different language. I just thing Mojang is going to learn the hard way that they need us WAY more than we need them.
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    Padeius Etoh

    lol, I already did, you disagreed and said there was some other reason "That wasn't the reason it was locked down" so obviously you have more relevant information than I do so spill, Why did grum and dinnerbone lock the github?

    If you don't or can't answer the question, then we can just move on and I will reiterate that the github was lock downed to prevent tampering or sabotage.
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    The whole situation is pretty crazy. There are many ways that Mojang can continue Bukkit, if they want. Rewriting the code will take time. And as there are almost 0 staff left from the original administration - I highly doubt that the project will be up and running in a few days. I reckon that the course of action will be to create a brand-new server system, but that will also be inefficient.
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    Well the explanation you gave was just proved to be false, so we can rule yours out.

    Was it to tar the Bukkit team just like this posting by Vu does? By characterizing them as rebels, troublemakers and possible saboteurs or was it just because they have just claimed ownership and was securing their 'assets' that don't really belong to them?
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    Padeius Etoh

    cool, tin foil hat came from your thoughts about the nefarious realms and big bad greedy mojang killing off servers. My words not yours so don't tell me I am misquoting you, I am paraphrasing what I took to be your intent.

    LOL. They actually don't need you, you have already paid your fee to play the game, they need the 10000 new players who keep buying the game each and everyday. If you take your server and go play another game there are like 149999 servers right behind you. If 149000 of those servers closed down right now, it would probably make the multiplayer part of the game a whole lot better.

    Any way if I offended you in any way I apologize, that was really not my intent, I was actually just trying to interject some brevity into the situation.
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    becuase they do not understand how licencing works!

    If enought people get angry, stop playing and communicate that anger, people wont buy anything anymore, servers will be mostly empty and even more people will stop playing on mostly empty servers.
    Servers will die. Communty will shrink. People will stop playing ...

    Also minecraft was cool like 3-4 years ago and never reached a high since.
    So baiscally minecraft is dying since and mojang just managed to fuck over people, who still held the game alive and kept adding new cool stuff to the pretty static and boring vanilla.

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    Padeius Etoh

    cool, the incompetent and non existent mojang pr machine move into action to make bukkit look bad. FYI, dinnerbone and grum were both still on the github and the forums as admins, the did not even have to be added. They cleared the removal of evilseph with curse.

    Assets don't work that way when the asset is software. Copyright law covers who owns what, in regard to the software in question, as a GPL and LGPL project, the ownership is in common with all the copyright holders, mojang can not prevent any copyright holder from exercising their rights, but the other copyright holders also can not prevent mojang from exercising theirs either.

    So it really does not matter, I will retract the point.

    grum and dinnerbone locked down the github because they were stealing the code that belongs to them as well as a number of other people and companies.
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    I'll give your post a like. Even though your usually wrong about everything.

    You got 1 thing right.
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    If they ever manage to get an api out, im sure they wont open source it.
    who would want to write anything for an unstable closed source api anyway?
    Mojang killed modding. Thats all there is to it.

    We stopped with 1.7.9 as we did not accept the EULA serverside.
    gg mojang

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    Padeius Etoh

    Sounds like minecraft is dead to you already. You should stop playing and go find a new game, I hear the sims 4 is kind of fun.

    Mojang has sold 16.5million pc and 54million pocket, xbox and ps3 copies of the game. If they were to stop selling the game today they honestly could exist for next 25 years with out making another dime and still be richer than nearly 99% of the planet. So the whole f*** people over and greedy company stuff is just like kind of crazy to me. I just don't get it. They change the terms of how they want servers to operate so they don't force people to pay 10000 buck for a rank, of course anyone that stupid prolly deserves to not have that 10k, but still, I just don't understand the dislike and bashing of this group of folks who go to work everyday to try and give us a game we like to play. You don't like them, don't play, you think they are terrible people, I have met them and they are quite nice. Sorry, thats just how I see it.

    cool, thanks skye oh sorry rachel.

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    you forget /s. :) anyway. There are sadly no heroes here at all. Invoking the DMCA is and should have been viewed at a potential fatal blow to Bukkit. Invoking the DMCA was a very selfish act and may have in fact killed the community. Claiming to support the community by not supporting the community.

    I love you, therefore i must kill you.
    The soap boxers , high horsers, and ball takers have already puffed up their feathers and stormed out of the room.

    The only way the bukkit community survives is too swallow pride and let it survive.

    The LGPL , by design, contains provisions to allow everyone to be happy. Mojang could get to keep their intellectual property by excluding it from the GPL and bukkit could continue to package that IP with their distribution.

    Alas, emotions got in the way , on both sides, and nobody wins.
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    I'm ok with bukkit disappearing... It was bound to happen at some point.
    But it would've been cool if there was some legit competition between the (Yet-to-be-released) Mojang API and Bukkit.
    The problem I have now is that there are already people making another server mod.. but I am not sure if I want to use that if I know that Mojang is making their API now...
  26. Ah, Grum is online. Maybe he can shed some light on this obvious propaganda.
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    Just one question:
    Do we have to shutdown our game-servers until the lawyers found out if those DMCA is correct or not?
    Is it up to Wolvereness to "allow" us keeping servers(craftbukkit/whatever) running further in spite of those DMCA?
    Dont get me wrong here:
    Being NOT a lawyer makes it hard for me to face possible consequences if I keep my servers up..
    My wish: Wolvereness could grant us keeping the servers..
    But I fear those DMCA targets the use of servers as well :(
  28. DHLF Personally, I think that if it was that big of a deal, Minecraft server hosting companies would have received DMCAs too.
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    I'm positive wolf wouldn't want to hurt your server or anyone's. Why would he?
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    How so? By failing to stroke Wolvereness' ego hard enough?
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