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    Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: FactionFlight

    What I want: The plugin in question is meant to be a fork of, if possible. If not, then I just need something similar, but with some added features, which I'll list below. I would've asked the developer about adding these, but I kind of need them on short notice, and the developer hasn't been on since the 9th. I looked around and couldn't find the source, unfortunately, so unless I'm missing something, it'll have to be made from scratch.

    In addition to what was already in the plugin (flying in your own territory, being unable to inflict damage upon players while flying, and wasting your arrows and splash potions if you attempt to use them), the following should be added.

    - If an enemy player enters the territory of the player who is flying, they will be notified that they have ten seconds to land. Preferably, the notification should be a short and somewhat confusing message (doesn't matter if it appears in chat or a scoreboard, but a scoreboard with a timer would honestly be pretty cool). The message should probably be something like "You have ten seconds to land!" (in light red text) and explain nothing else. This is to make the user scramble (at least on the initial few times) so that they don't get the combat advantage by flying. If they don't go to the ground when the timer runs out, they'll take fall damage, as they normally would.

    - Integration with CombatTag. If the player is tagged in combat, they shouldn't be allowed to fly again in their own territory until the timer runs out. Integration with the actual plugin is more or less optional, you can include a cooldown on the plugin instead (if hit, prevent flying for 15 seconds,but only if they're hit by a player, even if they're in mid-air).

    - Add a command to toggle the ability to fly in your Faction's territory. This can become annoying to some people, where they don't want to fly at that time but keep accidentally flying.

    - If under a certain layer (specified in the config), flying is disabled completely, regardless as to whether it's your territory or not.

    Ideas for commands: /togglefly - A command primarily for the user. Toggles the ability to start flying in your own territory. This should be accompanied by helpful messages in light green text, like "You can now fly in your own territory!" and "You've disabled your ability to fly in your own territory!"

    /ff reload - A standard FactionFlight command from the original plugin. Reloads the configuration.

    The commands /ff potion and /ff combat aren't needed in this case, since I won't need them.

    Ideas for permissions: - Grants the user the ability to fly within their territory. Defaults to False.

    factionflight.reload - Grants the user the ability to reload the configuration file. Defaults to Ops.

    factionflight.bypass - Grants the user the ability to PvP or throw splash potions even while flying. Defaults to Ops.

    factionflight.* - Quick permission to give the user all of the above.

    When I'd like it by: Sooner is better, but take your time.
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    Somebody would have to rewrite it from scratch for that. Keep trying to contact the developer. Maybe he is on vacations..

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