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    I Need A Plugin That Allows Me To Make Totally Customizable mobs, like if they can fly, what they hold, what they attack with, what their attack strength is, if they have armor, allow ops to do a command (/Mobzz spawn <mobname>) to spawn them, customize a name, With Color that appears on top of their head, like players. also if they are hostile or not

    Name: Mobzz

    Commands: /mobzz spawn <Mobname> - To Spawn A Mob
    /mobzz equip <mobname> <ItemID|Hand> - To Edit That Type Of Mob To Always Have That item in their hand
    /mobzz attackitem <ItemID|Hand> <mobname> - To Edit That Type Of Mob's Attack weapon (it can be different from whats in its hand
    /mobzz attackstrength <1-99> <mobname> - to change its attack strength
    /mobzz armor <ItemID ItemID ItemID ItemID | Inv> <mobname> - Sets Its Armor, The four Item IDs go in order: Helmet Chestplate Leggings Boots then Inv stands for inventory, it sets The Armor that u r wearing to the mob
    /mobzz fly <mobname> - sets if the mob can fly
    /mobzz create <mobname> <mobskin> - creates a mob, also mobskin means that if I put a mob there (normal mob, not custom mob) the new mob will look like that, also if I leave it blank it makes it a Steve skin, and if I put a player name there it will have the skin of that player. also, if I put a color code in the name, it colors it. also, the mobskin works with hostile and not hostile mobs, and wolves and pigmen who are both, so pretty much, animals and monsters work
    /mobzz hostile <true | false> <mobname>

    mobzz.* - gives access to ALL commands of the plugin

    When I'd Like It By: As soon as possible

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    oh, sorry, I didn't know how long it was, I thought it was 2 hours
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