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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by McThyzer, Jan 11, 2012.

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    I have a problem with my Server, ...
    I have a 64 Slot server with in average 30 online players.
    The Servermap is reduced to a Radius of 2000 and Pregenerated by WorldBorder.

    My problem is, that we (all players) have to search about 10 - 20min to find one mob. Also most of the Dungeons and Mines are empty, even if they are dark.
    I dont know the exact amount of mobs which are currently on the Server, but it seems that there are only about 100 or such.

    The difficulty of the server ist 3.

    Bukkit build number is #1597.

    - Multiverse (Core, Portals, Netherportals, SignPortals)
    - Essentials (Core, Spawn)
    - bPermissions
    - WorldEdit
    - Stargate
    - NoCheat
    - WorldGuard
    - WorldBorder
    - dynmap
    - Citizens

    I already read me through the Bukkit Sourcecodes to find anything similar to a MobLimiter, to disable it. But i found nothing.
    I think the Mobs didn't spawn correctly at the beginning of the server because i have generated the chunks by the server and therefore there were no Mobs spawned, can it be?

    I hope you can help me.

  2. That sentence doesnt make sence, but respawns shouldnt conflict with worldmodifications. I would guess a plugins is the suspect. Try to reduce them and check if monsters spawn at night. Passive mobs however have been reduced by fatman notch by approx 400% since..1.8? 1.9?
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    What do you have your view-distance set to? A few people have reported that anything less than 10 is giving a bug whereby although the entity will unload it will not be deleted...

    Thanks :)
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    Although this is true,
    how could 30 people on a server have their view level less than 10?
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    I meant the view-distance in the file ;)
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    Ahhhh. I see. I learn something new everyday.
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    It was on 5. :S

    Thanks for that! :D
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    Sure :)

    It may take some time for the entities to get deleted. Give it some time, and you should see things start getting back to normal :)
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    My server view distance is set to 6. I can't raise it higer because my players see chunk loading issues and other issues when it's higher. How do I fix the rare mob bug without raising my render distance?
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    If it isn't already fixed, then you can't -- You should be focusing more on fixing the chunk loading issues rather than the mob issue. Otherwise you are bypassing a bypass ;)
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